Hunting grounds of the Wolf

Welcome to another Thursday night where we look at materials to help flesh out our adventure this week. Tonight we look at the two places that we can consider the hunting grounds of the wolf, the deity of the Wolf Ridge tribespeople. Tonight I really wanted the theatre of the mind to be centre of the stage. Where we look at the potential for combat we can use descriptive language to really enthral our players. But to get to these descriptions we need to first move out of the introduction… So without any more delay, let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Hunting grounds of the Wolf


As the party began to leave the top of Wolf Ridge the sound of growling and whining came from behind. Turning around the partially obscured sun shone brightly in their eyes as they strained to find the source of the noise. A pack of wolves stood next to the tribespeople at the pyre. Each one of them rested their heads on the lap of one of the tribe and whined in a high pitched concerned manner.

As the party watched on, making sure the wolves wouldn’t attack it became easier to see the people and beasts. The sun’s brightness was dwindling as the moon began to cover the fiery orb. A sound of tearing fabric came from the gathered creatures, one of the young boys near the pyre began to convulse as muscles, bones and tissues split, healed and morphed into something more.

The change

A large shock of black fur sprouted from the ripped clothing as the chains and woven ropes grew taught on his swelling frame. A moment later another young one began the same transformation process. However none of the adults were affected. In fact they continued to chant in prayer. The halfling woman, a shaman of some kind looked at the party with sadness and concern. “The change has begun. The warriors you have in Berkshire will remain in their human form for as long as possible but the more distressed they are the shorter the time it will be. You must hurry.”

The party raced back down the hill as the first of the blood chilling howls erupted from the pyre. The young and infirm were beginning to change but those who were devout in faith and belief held strong and controlled their curse.

Wolf Ridge Tents – created in nightcafe.


The screaming from Berkshire could be heard from as far as the open gates. A rushed stream of people leaving the town pushed past the party as they hurried through towards the cages. Something told them they were too late. In fact it was more than just the screaming as the time it took to get back to the town had seen the moon nearly fully eclipse the sun.

“Stand firm, hold!” the voice of Luke could be heard from the centre of the town. As the party rushed through the busily clearing streets they came to the sight of a cage nearly full of werewolves. Each wolf was taller than an average man. In fact most of them were as broad as two with the tribespeople being larger than average. However despite the size difference, and monstrous form of the Tribe of the wolf warriors the guard held firm.


But that is when they heard it. The first of the cage bars breaking, snapping from the fury and might of the lycanthropes. As the cage shattered the beasts stepped out into the moonlight of the Lunar eclipse. “It’s too late. Run for your lives. The wolf has them now, and will have us all on his day of hunting. You should’ve left us chained in the cells for only there would’ve you been safe!” one of the few human form women said. as she knelt and prayed. “When there is no sun left even I won’t be able to contain myself. Go and save as many as you can. Only the cells will save you now.”

Berkshire – created in Inkarnate


This one is a bit of a fun one. A bit of a nightmarish scene as the moon blots out the sun. I personally like the idea describing the fear of the villagers, guards and even the apprehension of what’s about to happen from the lycan’s. Seeing their curse as not just a disease but their deity enacting a great hunt will be a fun twist. I believe that the party members will have to think fast to overcome the situation they will find themselves in this week.

Thanks for joining me for another night at the tabletop. Despite not having any maps for tonight I will still look at creating some for the final product this weekend as they can be a good way to visualise certain battle area’s. In fact sometimes theatre of the mind and having a map for parties to utilise can enrich the adventure that little bit more. So make sure you come back tomorrow night for the creature blocks, there will be werewolves guaranteed.

Don’t forget to come back this weekend for the end of week writeup and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe