Complete Acquiescence

Welcome to another Monday where this week we give into Complete Acquiescence and visit the City of Brightkeep. Perhaps I have been spending too much time building my Slaanesh forces but this week, using a random encounter generator, this weeks adventure slipped into my mind. From a single creature the story was born like a lightning bolt through my mind. And now I am here to share with you the tale of Brightkeep and how a party of adventurers attempted to liberate it from overwhelming odds. So to get into the adventure we better accept out fate, relinquish foolish ties and roll on with the adventure.

Complete Acquiescence


Brightkeep Manor hall – Created in nightcafe

The city of Brightkeep was magnificent. A city that was built around the temple to Helm, the deity of protection, is a many layered city that has enjoyed being protected by the knights of Helm known as the Watchers. The people appeared to be a wealthy lot as they strode around the markets in fine clothes. Many bought richly coloured vibrant fabrics, jewellery or even exotic foods.

The party headed towards the centre of the town, the market place was too chaotic and busy and there was quite a lot to see in this city. Many of the guards laughed, drank and indulged in the delights of the city as much as the rich patrons. In fact on multiple occasions the party witnessed a theft, pickpockets or something more dire where the guards look almost displeased to give chase of the thieves.

After a few minutes of walking the party noticed that a single, tall robed man had been walking behind them for quite some time. His boots and long white tabard were dirty, filthy with mud and other stains, some of which looked like blood. The clink of mail could be heard over the din from the other inhabitants from this city as the man strode with purpose towards the party.

Friend or foe

They could feel the power radiating from this man, a holy knight, one of the Watchers. To bring upon the gaze of the watchers was to incite the judgement and potential wrath of Helm and this man embodied the feeling of judgement. As they hastened their pace, not wanting to tangle with the man, their twists and turns down alleys only seemed to increase the speed of which the man continued his pursuit. But there was something more. Two shadows, men and women in darkened robes that had the same markings of the watcher, flanked him. The three of them gained ground on the party.

Turning a last corner they came across a large, old door. The stones were worn, besmirched with grime and dirt and the door looked as if there had once been a lock. Now removed forcefully the door provided the party a way out and away from the watchers who were gaining ground quickly. The pink of mail and hurried, yet softened footfalls of the shadows were moments away. Pushing through the door they closed it behind them and let their eyes adjust to the gloom.

The ruined Temple

They were in a large, magnificent building. Large columns of smooth stone held the roof up. The floor was littered with pews and tables, all of which were pushed over, broken or otherwise defiled. Suddenly the door behind them creaked before it was ripped from its hinges. The water and shadows trickled into the room and stood there in shock.

“What has happened to the temple of Helm…” one of the shadows, a woman, asked. “Brother Amed, this would explain the presence we felt. The order of Helm, the watchers. They have gone. the city lies unprotected…”

The large warrior just stood there looking around, his eyes glancing over the party before he strode to a beheaded statue to Helm and knelt. The murmur of prayer echoed dimly from the walls.


Now I haven’t touched on the creature that has triggered this adventure but the fall of a major, the major power in a city is never good. In fact that is what this week is about. I wanted to run the party through the investigation of the issues in the city. I believe that finding the root cause and silencing it will make this adventure something to remember and I cant wait for the party to experience it.

Thanks for visiting tonight and looking at a glimpse of the complete acquiescence I have planned. However, tonight is just the start so you best come back each day this week as we expand this weeks adventure. Don’t forget that to check out my zines if you like what I do and need a quick adventure. In fact, Wolf Moon Rising is my latest one and would flow in nicely into this adventure, so I would check that one out next.

I also must remind you to book some time for your tabletop. It’s important to maintain a focus on our hobbies even if its for a few hours. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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