The Depraved and the Devout

Tuesday is here and it brings us some of the depraved and the devout of Brightkeep. As the party investigate what has befallen Brightkeep and the utter loss that Brother Amed Kazzadim has exposed they will meet many more NPCs. Tonight is just a suggested few, but this is a NPC heavy adventure where there are a few key people who revolve around the scene. But that’s for another night. So to ensure that we can get to the good stuff let’s grab a coffee roll into the adventure!

The Depraved and the Devout


The great thing about this weeks adventure is that its NPC heavy, but any NPC can do. The idea behind this is that all NPCs can be a suspect but only a few of them are actually the cause of the complete acquiescence that has encaptivated the city.

Brother Amed Kazzadim

Brother Amed Kazzadim – Created in Artbreeder

Amed Kazzadim is one of the watchers, the legendary paladins of Helm that call the city of Brightkeep home. Amed and his loyal assistants, the shadows, have been travelling and quelling corruption and injustice for over a decade. But recently they felt as though Helm’s grace was waning and they hurried home to Brightkeep to investigate what the cause could be. Upon arriving they found the city in different states of depravity.

Many of the populace had given into opulence, some just seeking wealth and delicacies but there was others where their deprave nature was deeper. The city guards, once devout followers of Helms justice had also turned a blind eye and many of the faces present were new.

Something was corrupt in the city and Amed sought out his orders home, the temple to Helm, to find that it had been cleared and defaced for some time. Within the temple he also noticed some adventurers, foreigners to the city who he could feel was being guided by justice. Perhaps they could be devout allies in his cause to save this city?

Henry Bassel

Henry Bassel – Created in Artbreeder

A young son of a wealthy merchant Henry spent most of his life learning to work hard in order to get what he wanted. However the items his fathers shop sold started to become the most popular item in Brightkeep. Soon his father had retired and moved out of the city to enjoy his riches quietly and Henry inherited the highly lucrative business.

Now a young man he has employees who run the shop and he is free to spend his wealth how he see’s fit. Attending parties, spending money on clothes, food, drink and women he is a man of luxury now and is regularly invited to join the elites of the city. However his focus on business keeps him from attending those gatherings of utter debauchery and indulgence. He has a business to run after all and despite the constant offers his fathers words echo in his mind.

“Work smarter. Appearance is everything. If people see you as something valuable, something indispensable so you will live in comfort with want for none.”

Sister Kate Blanwell

Sister Kate Blanwell – Created in Artbreeder

One of the shadows of Helm, Sister Kate Blanwell was one of the paladins who didn’t manage evoke the justice that Helm offers provides. Instead she was offered a different path in which to serve helm and mete out justice. A shadow is the name of those who follow the Paladins, operate from the shadows to see the world for what it is.

Kate is adept at reading people and understanding the different shades of right and wrong. Able to detect a lie or motives she determines the judgment that Helm should cast before Amed and the other Paladins deal it. In fact together with Amed, Kate has been the critical point in almost all missions the paladin has been on. Perhaps Helms grace and power that the paladins can evoke has eluded her because of the keenness of her sense of right and justice. In fact, perhaps she is the closest to helm out of all the order.

Lemren DeChantel

Lemren DeChantel – Created in Artbreeder

Being the daughter of the lord of Brightkeep Lemren was born to near-nobility. Over the past year she has gradually stepped up to run the city and make decisions whilst her parents become more focused on reaping the benefits of what they have earnt. Headstrong and determined Lemren is showing traits of a good Lord of the city. However, who attentions turn to the parties, displays of wealth and other distractions that her parents have fallen to.

Regardless of her natural proficiency with running a city she bores of the day to day chores. In fact even she has begun to slowly find ways to slip away from important meetings to flitter amongst the people on the streets and enjoy the life that her parents power has befitted her.


This week has collection of those offered depravity, those seeking devotion and those who are seeking one, both or neither. As I mention this week any NPC can fit into this adventure and tomorrow we may introduce another one, or few, that will act as our antagonists this week.

Thanks for joining me to get a glimpse of The Depraved and the Devout. The rest of the week we will expand upon this adventure with hopefully a striking conclusion at the end. But if I have tempted you to come back tomorrow I will gladly welcome you to the twist of this week. But don’t forget that this weeks adventure grows with each day so make sure to come back daily. And lastly, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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