Overwhelming Collaboration

Tonight Overwhelming Collaboration graces this adventure this Wednesday as we look at the devious, genius minds behind the overthrowing of the city of Brightkeep. This unholy, unnatural union of powerful individuals has marked Brightkeep as their play thing, a city full of people to corrupt and enslave. But, what makes this union of individuals so overwhelming? I guess we best read on and find out tonight. So let’s sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Overwhelming Collaboration


The sounds of the banquet were progressing to the grand finale of the evening and the cacophony was growing to a near deafening chorus of wails of lust, gluttony and excess. Looking across the manor’s hall the sights, smells and sounds were even overwhelming the guests of honour. In fact they wouldn’t have it any other way.

This city, once filled with the devout and pious was now theirs. The deprave, the thrill of those giving into their desires and throwing conscious consideration for modesty away was ripe for the taking. As the two nobles looked across the table as the party departed elsewhere they smiled at the heady scent of the taboo and the temptations that this place offered. It was good to be here in person after twisting the thoughts of the pure into perversion for so long.

The harder the person to corrupt the sweeter their fall.

Dinner guests

Sitting at the table and watching the nobles leave for another party Lemren looked at her meal and had a crawling feeling of doubt. This isn’t exactly what she thought it would be like, attending these parties, these celebrations of wealth and opulence. She watched as her parents stumbled out, drunk from the wine and thrill of their relinquishment of control. In fact when her parents were behind those heavy stone doors they were different people. Gone was the two people who cared about this city and the progress it was making. Those people were left at the door with the hastily abandoned shoes.

Sighing she stood and walked towards the door, walking amongst the people and sights and smells of the city in full swing of its night market would do her well. However as he left the two advisers, two people who had come to the city a few years back stood close together. As she strode across the room they watched her and whispered, smiling at her but the words they were muttering didn’t match the looks on their faces. Let alone was it the common tongue. Those two gave her a bad feeling and she wished her parents would listen to her concern.

The night market

Walking down the street she sighed in relief. This is where she felt like she belonged. The people selling their wares, produce and sometimes their services. Good people living their best lives and basking in the wealth that the city had accumulated over the years. She watched as gold was exchanged for an item of clothing, then exchanged for food to sustain the vendor. Then from food it the gold travelled to a merchant selling jewellery who exchanged that gold for company on the brisk night.

The city was alive with commerce. However, as she walked and marvelled at this she also noticed the darker side of it. A cage of people were being auctioned off, slaves, soon to be maids and house servants. Probably the outcome of a war of conflict up north. Pickpockets stole the purse of working folk and noblemen alike. Thugs and thieves stole from tables and ran off with the produce of honest folk. The City guards did nothing about it and the cycle of turning a blind eye to corruption and the growing depravity of the city continued.

“Just like my parents” she pondered out loud, moments before she bumped into someone clad in adventuring gear. The Vessel contains a drink spilling to the floor. “Sorry, I was lost in my thoughts,” she said with an embarrassed smile and a curtsey. The adventurer smiled as their party, friendly folk, joined their companion. “Can I offer you a drink or meal as I seem to have caused you to lose yours?”


The path to redemption starts with a single act. And we have many ways to that path available to us this week. I like to think that it doesn’t have to be Lemren who initiates the contact, it could be a tip-off from the shadow to point the party in the right direction. Or someone visiting the temple for prayer. I personally like the later, but this week is pretty open to how we get to the end goal. But more on that tomorrow.

Thanks for joining me tonight. As we look into the corruption that is prevalent in Brightkeep we also can stumble across sparks of the old faith, of justice. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow was we weave this adventure a bit tighter. I have a few plans up my sleeve for this adventure and this weekend we may have a few surprises. So don’t forget to come back for that and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe