Dresmandae’s Tower

Welcome to another Monday where this week our party experience a strange phenomenon when Dresmandae’s Tower appears in their path. This tower is more than what it seems and to gaze upon its chaotic walls is an omen most dire. But, let’s wait for the party to discover that. In fact let’s waste no time in getting into the adventure and roll on with the adventure.

Dresmandae’s Tower


All wizards will not know of the wizard called Dresmandae. The elders, teachers and books that contained mention of the mad wizard have been removed. The knowledge that this wizard had possessed, the spells he had created and the creation, his tower, have been the focus of many doomed expedition. However, the tower he created is very real and many oracles see a tower as chaos, change, death and disaster. Most of these outcomes can be traced back to Dresmandae’s creation.

Dresmandae’s Tower – Created in nightcafe

The party moved across the even, well worn land as quickly and as well as their could expect. The animals transporting them made good time, the weather was good and the animals and other hostile creatures were not around, or ignored them. In fact the day was too perfect. A sudden charge thrummed through the air like a pulse of the primal forces themselves. Birds for miles took to the sky and scattered and a sudden dark cloud began to form overhead as if the dark vapours rose from the ground itself.

Suddenly the animals the party rode with stopped and nervously stepped backwards just before the first lightning bolt struck the earth a mile ahead of them. The sound and power was so immense that the ground quaked. Before the party could string a sentence together a second bolt struck nearly the same place from a different part of the cloud. The arcane weavers in the party could sense, nearly taste the arcane magic in the air a moment before another bolt of lightning struck. This display of arcane chaos continued one hundred twenty seven times, each bolt of lightning strike hitting the same place. However as they bore witness to the chaotic energy they realised that each bolt of lightning was striking faster until the last two dozen times didn’t pause before the next bolt, some occurring at the same time.

The Storms Aftermath

And with the last bolt of lightning, a hush descended the world. The birds did not return and nearby a fox twitched from having fainted from the chaotic display. As the sun pierces through the clouds a monolithic tower rose above the trees above. Half its stone was both pristine, freshly carved and placed and worn and overrun by vines the other half of the vertical climb. The Tower was both terrifying and mesmerising to behold. However, the air was dense with arcane magic which seemed to cause strange phenomenon to occur around them. Leaves fell upwards into the trees above, birds would briefly pause flight, before disappearing in a blur as time caught up with them.

The tower beckoned to them just as they had called the tower…


Now have I got something special for you all this week. A while back I had the concept of a disappearing tavern that would appear randomly. This is, well its not the same but I like to think this is the more advanced version of that adventure. Dresmandae’s Tower is an arcane wonder, something that I hope will never exist for reasons we will discover this week. The very presence of this arcane monolith is to bring chaos into the world. I planned this adventure, tonight about forty minutes ago, to be a test to the party for problem solving – like our Crelion Manor adventure – where the party have to work out what to do. But there is no death at the end of this after a certain number of days.

Oh no. They have all the time in the world to complete this adventure…

Thanks for visiting tonight and for joining me for another start of the week. This week we look into some strange NPCs, a monolithic twist, I’ll have a crack at some tower maps and we will see what the party encounter in the arcane walls. A lot to get through so make sure you come back each night to follow along. Don’t forget to look at when you can spend some time on your tabletop and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe