Cursed Reflections

Tuesday is here and this week is a bit different as we explore the cursed reflections of what the tower of Dresmandae brings us. It will be a bit of a short intro tonight as the next two nights set the scene for the tower. So let’s just settle in, grab a coffee roll into the adventure!

Cursed Reflections


As the party approached the tower, cautiously, they begin to feel a sense of peace and calm resonating from the tower itself. The clearing, well what was now a clearing has the remnants of trees, rocks and even a slight hill burnt, shattered and otherwise flattened. The tower is large, easily two hundred feet each side. The front door, like the half-decaying stonework of the tower, is also half destroyed. The left side of the door is made of new solid blackwood, strong, sturdy and studded with steel rivets. However, the right side of the door has rotted away and the steel barding on the door is little more than rusted spikes.

The sound of footsteps and quiet talking resonate from beyond the door and the party can’t help but feel a sense of uneasiness descend over them. The voice from within is familiar in a haunting manner. Looking beyond the door the party catch the whisper of cloth and a momentarily pause as they see a group of adventurers turn a corner at the end of a short hallway.

The clothing from the adventurers was tattered and aging, but they sounded like they were in good spirits. The fabric was muted but the colouration was familiar. In fact a sense of wrongness was starting to rise as they saw the face of one of the adventurers. They swore it was one of the party if not a relative or family member. From this distance and the lighting in the tower it was hard to tell but the it was almost a sure bet.


This week I want to turn a common concept on its head. For NPCs this week the Dungeon master has a simple job, describe the party members but slightly older with subtle tweaks. I would envision the parties paladin as having different coloured clothes, but perhaps a different shade as oppose to extreme contrasts. A Scar or mark on their face where there wasn’t one is another change I would make.

The concept I have for this week is simple – the NPCs are different versions of the PCs, either their current PC or a previous one. This makes it easy for us to describe as its how the Party describe their own PC. For us the change around of a few small details is easily but we don’t reveal it until they meet the NPCs.

Now I have mentioned that the tower of Dresmandae is a cursed, chaotic energy that was created by a mad wizard. But perhaps that’s not doing the tower justice. We will explore this more later this week.

Thanks for joining me for the second part of this weeks adventure. Tonight may have been a bit shorter but tomorrow will get into the juicy details behind this weeks encounter so don’t forget to come back. However it doesn’t stop there and as this weeks adventure grows make sure to come back daily. And lastly, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe