The Chaos Dresmandae Created

The chaos Dresmandae created is more than just a tower. It’s a profound rip in chaos that rips part the weave and sews destruction and creation in perfect unity. But this power was not well accepted by all. Tonight I want to touch on what the outcome of this magic is. In fact, the party will see first hand what happens to those who witness the birth of the tower. Solet’s sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

The Chaos Dresmandae Created


The tower was an enigma. Each room was chaotic blend of… stuff that didn’t belong with the other rooms. As the party stalked the halls they came across more oddities and strange occurrences. They could her the adventurers that came before them but they were just that moment to slow to catch up with them. Evidence of combat was strewn through some of the rooms with freshly slain creatures, things out of place for a tower, and destroyed weapons and armour littered the rooms.

Moving up another floor, they had lost count by now the party began to notice similarities between the floors. The same layout with a door in a different place in the wall. The walls, halls and rooms reversed from one floor to the next and even the exact same piece of furniture, down to burn marks could be found. This tower was a chaotic blur of everything the party could, or could not expect to see in a tower.

As they climbed the stairs for the seventh time they came face to face with the other adventurers who were descending the steps. Both parties stopped and simply stared for a moment. Both groups were identical for all except for their equipment and weapons.

“Another apparition it looks like” one of the duplicates signed as they drew their weapon.

“This tower is the worst. I wish we never entered this place.” another said as they fished out a crystal wrapped in coiled fine metals.

As the party began to talk to the other versions of them a moment passed where the others stopped again. “Well that’s a first. I don’t remember the others talking. Who are you and what are you doing in Dresmandae’s tower?”


Drake – Guardian of the Tower – created in nightcafe

As the guardian creation, Drake, stared through the dark room, eyes glued to the floor. It had been sitting there in the darkness in silence as it waited for its service to come to an end. However none had been found worthy to release it from its bindings and they had been freed of their pain and suffering. Those who made it to him that is. Stretching one of his tattered wings that it’s master had created for him he watched as the two contenders met in the hall. In fact he watched all the contenders analyse each other in various stages of alarm, disbelief and nonchalant-ness.

The tower had created everything that he needed to exist. Food, a servant to mend the decaying or fraying materials of his artificial body parts and even a book on the odd occasion. But so far in the centuries the tower had existed it had never chosen correctly. That was the nature of the chaos Dresmandae created Drake mused as he flicked his tail.


A guardian Drake, a augmented creature that watches over the tower of unbridled chaos energy waits for the party. The party, one of two sets of different time-lines and versions of the same people meeting is the very essence of chaos. I want the party to fully get into this adventure where they find a tower that seems to be eclectic to a purpose. A room containing random things, bits and pieces of information that may be useful in the next floor. Only if they realise it is useful that is.

The Tower, whilst not exactly sentient, is constantly seeking a way to create more chaos and only when the act of the party being chaotic can they progress to the next level, or its at a random chance.

Thanks for joining me tonight as I expanded a bit more on the tower of Dresmandae. This adventure is very action driven and when we look at what that means we have a hard decision to make. Well at least I do whilst I work out the details for Fridays update. Tomorrow I reveal the tower map that I have created so I hope to see you back for that. Also don’t forget to come back for this weekend as I have a bit of a different update planned for Saturday night. And lastly, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe