Those who whisper to the dark

Tuesday is here and although its a late one tonight we look at those who whisper to the dark. In particular the one who calls upon the great blood hunt. So without any more delays let’s settle in, grab a coffee roll into the adventure!

Those who whisper to the dark


Toby Loreain

Toby Loreain – Created in Artbreeder

Toby has always been a bit different. Instead of helping in the shop, or with dinner or cleaning he would be outside cutting open rats and birds. Blood and visceral gore always intrigued Toby and eventually one day he was attacked by other kids in the village. He wasn’t the same after when the village elders protected the bullies. He shrunk into himself and started to grow more and more distant. Having nightmares of uncontained violence that eventually he used to seek out instead of dread.

Now he mutters to things that no one else can see in the dark. Communicating with the shadows and the things no one else can see.

Salis Loreain

Salis Loreain- Created in Artbreeder

Now Salis is the older sister to Toby and has always looked out for her little brother. However she has grown increasingly worried about her brother as his dreams and nature becomes darker. She sought out the adventurers who ventured into her village to help her brother, convinced that some dark power had corrupted him. Little did she know how close she was to the truth.

She studies to be a priestess of Selune and has sworn to protect the innocent who dwell under the Moonmaiden’s light. But her studies were cut short when her mother asked her to come back to tend to her brother. However, she has a fellow priestess in a village a few days’ ride away and there she hopes to seek answers.


Now we don’t have the mother visible tonight, the viewpoint from yesterdays blog. That’s for tomorrow where we investigate what happened and what will happen. This week is a bit of a different format as we have a long lasting chase scene with a lot of flexibility on the party. This may be a bit different and challenging but I hope it will be rewarding.

Thanks for joining and looking at the brother and sister at the centre of this weeks adventure. Join me tomorrow to meet the mother some more and also learn about the sickness of Toby. Also don’t forget to come back each day this week a we expand the adventure. And as we pass into the midway point of the week a reminder to not forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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