Hunters of the Blood pack

Wednesday has come and as promised in yesterdays update tonight we will investigate the Hunters of the Blood pack and who this is. So its a bit of a weird title tonight but hear me out, it will make sense! So in order to see if I am proven right or wrong let’s sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Hunters of the Blood pack


Carline Loreain – created in Artbreeder

As the head of the house Loreain, after her husband disappeared, Carline was the last of a noble line that lived in Farlock, a village at the edge of the Rift. The Rift was a large series of canyons and ravines that separated the plains from the more civilised lands. As the only noble family left in this village she used her reputation to get the best for her children. However, this ostracised them which caused issues for her son and daughter.

Rumours swelled around what happened with her husband. They ranged from affairs or leaving Carline due to her abrasive personality. Some say that she covered up his death or even was the cause of it. Nothing was even proven and when she was asked or questioned she would get visibly upset.

The Call

As Toby walked through the streets of Farlock he listened to the noises and chatter of those in the village. How he hated the noises of the village at night. A tug at his consciousness drew him to the gate heading out of town. A gathering of boys, young men from the village stood there kicking a small bundled figure on the ground. The sounds of yelping could be heard and instantly Toby felt sick.

Rushing forward he tried to push past the young men, getting a glimpse at the hyena cub who was being set upon by the young men.

“What do you want?!” one of them shouted as he turned to face Toby who was trying to stop them. “Oh, it’s the weird young lord. Here to save another freak!” the young man yelled as he turned and shoved Toby. “What are you doing so far away from your mother? Don’t you know it’s dangerous out?” another asked as he kicked the cub again.

“Leave it alone.” Toby mumbled as he felt a sharp pain cut through his mind. “The other one, it doesn’t like it when you do that.”

The boys roared with laughter “The other one? There is just us little lord. We can do what we like. Say, if you care about this freak so much why don’t try and save it?” The first of the punches came fast and hard. Toby fell to the ground as the kicks rained down upon him as the boys above him laughed like manic Hyenas. A broiling rage and anger brewed from within. Bubbling over his fear of pain and his desire to escape what was happening he went to stand at the same moment a yip of laughter rang from behind the group.


A giant hyena lunged forward and dragged one of the boys to the ground. The screaming that rang out snapped something in Toby and he rose to his feet, drawing a dagger from the belt of one of the boys and he stabbed. After a few moments he realised that his throat was the one that was raw from screaming. The boys lay silent on the ground and the giant hyena hovered near the corpses he left at his feet.

Shaking, he looked at the faces of the families in the village. The destruction he had wrought, the chaos it would cause the village and he smiled. Their perfect little world. The pressure in his head eased and he felt calm. He looked at the Hyena and felt kinship, like he had become one of the hunters of the blood pack. Yes this rang true, the blood pack removing a stubborn stain of these civilised murderers.

The Hyena picked up the cub, dead – killed by the boys and ate it. Moving closer to Toby its voice spoke in his head.

“The first gift is hunger.
It is His blessing.
It is our call to bring death.
The second gift is death.
Death proves our strength.
Death purges our fear.
The third gift is fear.
We fear that we will fail him.
We fear the onset of hunger.”


Like a cascade of cold calming water his mind reeled from the shock of the words. This was a gift, the hunger for the death of these boys. It pleased the pressure in his head and the voice that tugged at the corner of his mind.

“The first gift is hunger…” he began reciting as he walked back towards the village, the first torch lights of concerned villagers rushing towards him.

“What happened boy? Toby. What happened?” one man asked as he gripped his arm.

“A monster killed them… Mad, ferocious and intent on their death… ” he said, his voice shaking with lust-masked as sorrow. 

Thanks for visiting tonight. I think this one is a bit of a darker one this week but having a herald of Yeenoghu was never going to be a light adventure. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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