The Gnolls of Yeenoghu

Another night of fighting has come and this Friday the weekend brings with us the Gnolls of Yeenoghu. Now the way that gnolls are created, if you want to look it up, is a bit gruesome but fascinating. This week is all about gnolls and the demon lord Yeenoghu’s hatred of civilisation. In his unchecked destruction the foes that remained gave birth to the first gnolls where hyenas feasted on the slain. From there the gnolls were born from hyena’s as they were transformed from the demons corruption. So before I get way to deep in my adoration for the lore on gnolls let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

The Gnolls of Yeenoghu


The Gnolls of Yeenoghu

The Bloodhunt pack is normally gnolls and hyenas. But where the hyenas sup from tainted flesh and the corrupting energies aren’t quite right enough then other variations emerge. The energy being too strong then Witherings and Pack lords are born. Even Chosen of Yeenoghu can be created – however it is not always the case.

The scholars have recorded different variants of gnolls where under the right conditions, and given the right prey, gnolls fit for a purpose can be created.

Gnoll Stalkers

This sees the Gnoll stalker born. Small, about the size of a goblin or halfling but quiet and lethal these hunters and scouts of the bloodhunt are lethal. They ambush their prey with a volley of arrows before closing in to feast on their flesh.

Due to their size and being seen as lesser beings of Yeenoghu only Hyena’s tolerate being around them. The larger gnolls and even giant Hyena’s treat them as prey and fodder when no civilised race is within sight to bully or slaughter.

Gnoll Called to Yeenoghu

When a particularly favoured Giant Hyena feasts on a particularly tainted meal they have the chance to be called into Yeenoghu’s service. Whilst different to a gnoll, fang of Yeenoghu who can create gnolls much in the same way that their demon spawn-father created the first gnolls these gnolls are heralds to the demon in another way. The uncontrolled bloodlust and hunger for destruction reigns true for these creatures. However strong, powerful and desiring destruction they lack the cunning of other leaders of the bloodhunt and are seen as more shocktroops.

Closer in size to bugbears and ogres these creatures wade into battle and use their strength to bully and controll the smaller races.

Thanks for dropping by tonight. As always don’t forget to come back this weekend as we explore more of this glorious hobby and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe