Flight from the Bloodhunt

Thursday night brings with it is here and its brought with it a encounter map and a regional map featuring Farlock as the party attempt to take flight from the bloodhunt! A nice simple one this week with versatility being the name of the first map this week. So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy the maps below!

Flight from the Bloodhunt


Encounter on the Road

Either set up as an ambush for the encroaching enemies or if the party doesn’t escape quickly enough attacks on a guaranteed occurrence. This hilly ambush site next to some trees and bushes for cover makes quick work for the attackers in an early advantage. Remnants of a camp from the fleeing villagers of Farlock can be seen but it’s really the simplistic nature of the map that is its strength.

Road out of Farlock – created in Inkarnate

Players Map of the Rift Villages

Now the map the party gets shows a few towns nearby. Yarnwerth on the way out of the area, Mulbek and Filtburra being nearby. Trees line the roads and they are well worn from years of travel, but beware of what lies in the forest and in the grass next to the road as there are a few beasties to this week’s encounter.

This map is to be provided to the players, but the DM can ‘upgrade it’ with a simple overlay of the in-game effects of the raiding parties that are launching their attack on the area.

Villages around the Rift – Created in Inkarnate

DMs Copy

This shows the buildings being ripped apart and burnt. Walls crumbled and all the towns butchered. However the keep, the destination that the party should travel to (we hope) remains strong. A final bastion of civilization while the bloodhunt is on.

The attacks come from the right and top of the map. Farlock and Mulbek being first. If the party head towards Mulbek after a day they are attacked by the raiders coming from Mulbek down. But a party with keen eyes would see the smoke and should be able to escape.

Villages around the Rift – DM copy – created in Inkarnate

Thanks for joining me tonight. As highlighted and hinted at the start of the week we have both a chase and a few combat scenes in this weeks adventure. So come back tomorrow night to find out more! And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe