Watchers of the Keep

Tuesday is here and as the dragon rises from the keep, or perhaps it doesn’t, there are those who simply bear witness and those who are watchers of the keep. While this week is about mystery, undead dragons and meat that’s suspiciously not lamb there are a few key NPCs that the party will want to encounter. This week is about them as much as it is fire breathing lizards. So to meet these characters we better settle in, grab a coffee roll into the adventure!

Watchers of the Keep


Marie Turnburke

Marie Turnburke – Created in Artbreeder

Born and raised in Finchford, Marie is the owner of The Five Fat Ravens Tavern. Once an adventurous youth she gave up on her dreams of exploration and uncovering mysteries and settled on feeding those who lived them. Business was good in Finchford and soon she had one of the more successful inns that was nearly booked out every week. Her food was a hit amongst the patrons but having a small stage for wandering bards is what really brought in the customers.

Live music, hearty food and tales of adventure was the theme of Marie’s inn. However despite her not pursuing her dream of adventure she still got to experience it. Living in the shadow of the ruins of the kings of old, the Dark Thrall Keep ruins had its perks. Many adventurers explore caves and the ancient forests in the area and the populace of the town always meant that there was adventure nearby. But darker tidings came with the proximity of the ruins and Marie kept a watchful eye on the empty battlements. And the sky.

James Herkorn

James Herkorn- Created in Artbreeder

Known as Jim in the town of Finchford James Herkorn is a curious man who always has his eyes on the skies. When not working the cities market square he can be found reading legends of old. A bit of a hermit and recluse Jim will occasionally be seen in bars listening to adventurers and buying them drinks. A gatherer of knowledge and stories he seems to believe that these titbits of information are worth more than the items sold through the market.


Now I have a good feeling about not only this weeks adventure but how Finchford is growing into something more. While the call to create a city of scale in Inkarnate is strong I don’t think time allows – but if there would be a city for it then Finchford would be it. Near ruins, forests, caves and a high populace is a recipe for constant, local adventure and a ‘billboard’ style adventure could be something I could create here.

Thanks for joining me tonight to meet Marie and Jim. This week we expand our adventure onwards as we look at the cause of the sightings tomorrow night and the maps of this weeks adventure. So don’t forget to come back for these expansions. As the weeks progress I am also painting more slaanesh and as my first unit of blissbarb archers near completion a little painting montage will have to be a theme this week. So keep coming back for mote tabletop updates and, try not to forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe