Unearthing the Past

Wednesday has come and tonight we have an exciting one where we flash forward to the party visit the ruins as a group continues Unearthing the Past. This will see the party investigate the sights, find the people behind it and come face to face with the dragon. So grab a coffee, sit down and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Unearthing the Past


Rhyan Peller – created in Artbreeder

The sound of metal tools colliding with stone could be heard from a few hundred feet away. In fact the once thought to be quiet ruins was not quiet at all. As the party assumed there was more than just undead at ruins. The party crept closer; they wondered how such a volume of noise and people could go undetected. In fact from a distance the entire keep itself was dark and foreboding and silent as the grave. As they crept up towards the keep they moved silently. Bush to bush, behind rocks and shattered stone work they passed slowly and carefully. Eventually they stopped in the shadow of the ruins as they came across new constructs.

Small knee height pillars that were constructed from dark wood and capped with a dark metal, likely lead. Each one gave off a faint arcane feel but none revealed what it could be. However the moment they passed the pillars they marvelled at what lay in front of them.

Dozens of humans and creatures moved around the ruins. Great balls that glowed like moonlight hung suspended in the air around the walls shedding light around them. The orbs, driftglobes, revealed a great number of people excavating the ruins. In fact from the look of things, they had been here for some months toiling in secret.

Leaders of the excavation

“We found something!” a voice sang from deeper in the ruins. Immediately people flooded away from the walls and external ruins towards the commotion. The party lucky to go undetected so far watched as several robed people stood from concealed places near the driftglobes. The robed strangers moved towards the call but waited in place, obviously watchmen for the work here.

The party crept closer, daring to move now when everyone was distracted to uncover the truth of the ruins. Looking through a small hole in the wall, a doorway most likely, a large internal courtyard revealed that the people here had been unearthing the past. “What have you found?” a young woman with a shock of vibrant, flowing hair asked as she approached the ruins of the outer wall.

“We think… It’s the dragon…” the voice responded as the crowd parted for the woman to walk forward. The party gazed upon the broken body of a large adult dragon still covered in muted red scales that had lay crushed under the remains of a tower.

Thanks for visiting tonight for the reveal of the week. Whilst not fully revealed yet I can’t have us uncovering the past of the keep this early on in the week. So this weekend we will continue on our excavating of the content and reveal more as we look at the map, encounter and end of week zine to come. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe