Enthralled by the Past

Tonight and I have created another zine for this weeks adventure, Enthralled by the Past. Can the party solve who is behind this and burn the disease of impurity from a once devout city or will they let chaos and corruption reign on the streets. This adventure can be used system agnostic as we explore other RPGs out there other than D&D. So please adjust to what ever creatures you are using in your adventure! However as always Kobold fight club can be used to quickly balance an encounter for Dungeons and Dragons and Tetra-cube currently provides the stat-blocks for creatures in this adventure.

So I hope you enjoy this weeks adventure, Enthralled by the Past. If you like this format please let me know and I hope you enjoy.

Enthralled by the Past


The City of Finchford was a midway point to just about nowhere, and everywhere. Settled on the beginning of a large plain the flat land surrounding the city’s immediate location provided ample room for farming and expansion. However the true wealth of this city lay in the hills beyond the farms, fences and walls.

Gold, silver and even a rich platinum deposit had enticed dwarves to move here years ago. Those dwarves then sold their ore and weapons to the people of the village of Finchford. Soon  a city was born from the prosperity between the two races and there was a time of development and peace. However, it was short lived.

Soon the need arose for a standing guard, an army, to be near Finchford. The local nobility had the grandiose idea to create a kingdom here and so the land became engulfed in war. This war gave birth to an order of knights the land had not seen. The Parn Dragoons were born from this conflict and for many years their power was undisputed.


Finchford – Created in nightcafe.

The party gaze at the city of Finchford as they continue their ride towards its large gates. Farmland stretches for miles around the city and the sheer size of it dwarfs many that the party have seen in the past. As they descend the last of the hills and head towards Finchford’s heart the land evens out. However, to the east of the city a few mountains rise and at this distance a large ruin can be seen looking over the surrounding land. 

This towering ruin sits like an ancient guardian looking down upon the folk of Finchford, silent and still except for birds flying near the peak of a tower.

PDF adventure – Enthralled by the Past

Thanks for joining me tonight for another Zine. Next time you get a party together consider running this adventure and I hope that you enjoy it.

I hope you don’t miss a thing so come back daily in the coming week. This is so you can experience the creation of the next adventure as it evolves and shapes out. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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