Festival fever at Finchford

As this week’s Monday welcomes another week near Finchford we welcome the Festival fever at Finchford and the chaos and excitement that it brings! So without delaying any longer let’s grab a coffee, sit down and roll on with the adventure.

Festival fever at Finchford


Finchford Outskirts- Created in Nightcafe.

The Game

With all these people around it was easy to move around unhindered. The joyous shouts of victory, the laughter, the sadness of a crowd favourite falling at the last hurdle. All of it was covered for the biggest score of their life. However despite the ease of how it was going this was not the first time that they had worked together. In fact working together brought the most out of them and they each knew how to play the game.

Keep one hand open for the players to see, a few cards for your allies to see but keep just as many cards hidden from all. That’s the way to win the game and they both knew this. The Wolf and the Doe – an effective team of thieves, con artists and if the job called for it they could handle even dirtier work. But today, this blessed week of games and merriment, there were competitions to rig, pockets to dip into and purses to steal.

The Keep

After the business at Thrall keep had died down, festival fever at Finchford was in full swing. Merchants were sporting new wares both exotic and local craftsmanship. The city was the busiest it had been in years and everyone was going to make the most of it. For adventurers such as the party there were tests of skill, power, strength, cunning and dexterity a-plenty with hefty rewards and prizes for those who rose above the rest.

It was a time of relaxation and celebration and for those who had uncovered the secrets of Thrall keep it was a time of expectation of their abilities. In fact, they had set the benchmark high, people and other adventurers looked at them like either worthy opponents or threats to their claim of the prize. Maybe it wouldn’t be a relaxing week after all.


A good old fashioned tournament week! One of the earliest adventures I remember was where we had to work our way up from nothing. Dad had just con’d out PCs with some illusion magic, janky illusion magic mind you, and we had lost all of our gear, gold and equipment. Participating in a tournament of skill with a little bit of underhandedness thrown in was a great way to learn other aspects of the game. So this week as the festival fever at Finchford reaches an escalation point the party have two adventures in one.

Thanks for joining me tonight to get a look at the next, almost continuation of our adventure last week in Finchford. Tomorrow we meet this Wolf and Doe and maybe a few other faces with our NPC night. So don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another night of adventure, and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe