The Backer

This Wednesday twist night features the backer of the party to compete in the tournament as well as some underhanded dealings. The intent isn’t so much to set the party up but to have a distraction sufficient enough that the real plan can go ahead. Curious? Well we best grab a coffee, sit down and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

The Backer


The stands were as loud as thunder as they cheered for the combatants that entered the stage. The Contest of Martial Champions was by far the crowd favourite for all the events that they ran at the Finchford Fair and Festival. Each year different cities and towns would submit one warrior amongst their own to contend. In fact each warrior would have to undertake trials and prove their worth to participate. One by one these tried and tested warriors were called to the platform. Heralded by a crier who called out their achievements and praise to the adoration, and dislike, from those in the crowd. Caught up in the masses the party stood by and watched as the stage filled. Those who had not gone through the trials were never allowed to participate.

As the announcer continued on a hush wafted over the crowd. “And this year we have a late contender. One that has been sponsored in full by a party that wishes to be unknown. This person has travelled many miles, slain countless foes to the good people of this land. In fact they even recently stopped an undead dragon in our very own Thrall Keep. Let’s welcome the mighty… ” and as the crowd erupted into cheers, heckling and a pang of confusion wafted across the voices one of the party was called to the stage.

Masterminds at work

Two figures from the crowd watched as the sudden adventurer was called. However they weren’t cheering or booing this new contender. Instead they watched and smiled. As they watched the procession and the mixture of emotions spread across those gathered one of the existing participants glanced their way and nodded. The message give and received in a single gesture that their plan was in action.


This weeks twist is about the plan of the Wolf and the Doe being in acted. I have planned that the sudden and surprise entrance of the party member. I have, by separating the sponsor from the party created a situation where the party is at a loss as to why they are there. In fact I hope that this confusion leads to some great Role play as well as a duel style combat. However, I think the schemes of the nefarious duo will throw a few spanners in the works. Of which I will unravel on Friday when the format and style is gone over.

I would like to thank you once again for visiting tonight. By spending some time and joining me as I create this adventure it helps refine and share my craft. As many DMs will tell you hours upon hours go into a single evening adventure. My goal is to share adventures and my format with as many people as possible. In this way I hope to inspire a new generation of DMs. However, I can’t do this without people reading and sharing my blog – so thank you.

Now with the weekend coming I have some plans for my own tabletop. Finishing a few units for my Hedonites of Slaanesh army being first and foremost. The second is working out a way to transport these beautiful models so I don’t break them. A lot of effort, well for me, has gone into painting them so far and I would hate to damage that. So don’t forget to keep an eye out for updates on these minis! And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe