Finchford Arena

Thursday night is here and we are back to Inkarnate as we look at a the basic Finchford Arena! Now this two layered arena has a few things to offer, the crowds that is. Ample vantage points and many angles to watch the combatants brawl and cut their way to victory. However despite being a contest for swordsmanship the many view points offers opportunities for external influence. Whether beneficial or otherwise remains to be seen. So grab a coffee, sharpen your pencil and let’s look at tonight’s map!

Finchford Arena


Entrants ready, fight! – Finchford Arena

So this week is all about the fights that go on as the party work out how and what they can do. Each party member will have the opportunity to partake in the contest somewhere but only one will enter the arena.

Now without giving it away there are a few stages to the arena fight but they all take place in the fenced off arena. In fact the party will be present for the majority of them unless they mysteriously don’t attend one of the rounds. But there may be an angry crowd to content with if they aren’t present.

Finchford Arena – Created in Inkarnate

Now there are steps going up to a raised platform, 20 feet above the arena floor. This gives a quick, nimble combatant an advantage if they can get the high ground early – or for those unaware of their opponents whereabouts a significant disadvantage. This map favours those who can keep track of their opponent as well as utilise the simple terrain.

Thanks for joining me again tonight. Another short one tonight preparation for a tournament zine this weekend. So if your party is wanting to flex their muscles don’t forget to come back for the last few days this week for the closing additions. Also with the weekend fast approaching don’t forget to set aside some time for your tabletop and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe