Martial Champions contest

Welcome to another Friday night where we look at the Contestants of the Martial Champions contest. These contestants have proven themselves worthy to partake in the contest and all of them are honourable. Well most of them are. But some of that will be covered tonight, and the rest on the weekend! So join me as we glimpse at the contestants. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Martial Champions contest


As the party member sponsored to the contest of champions sat down after their first fight the next combatant got up. Standing opposite the wiry young man a hulking Tiefling clad in glistening armour rolled his shoulders, a magic blade stretched in his hand.

“Now as with the previous bout both contestants will be blessed with a powerful enchantment that will prevent them from dying. However the pain from each others blows will be felt just as keenly.” at this some of the crowd roared with approval. “Now we have Tyson Emergel, a mammoth of a man…” The man began to drone on to introduce the Tieflling and human in turn. However the party noticed that whilst warming up the young man, Karl, looked to the crowd, nodded once and his demeanor changed. The party tried to track to see what the cause of the interaction was but they were greeted by a sea of faces.

The Bout

“And may the lords and ladies of light bless this contest. Both contestants when ready, enter the circle and begin your fight!” the announcer called. Before the call was made Tyson was striding forward, blade ready with a layer of frost coating the blade already. After a few moments Karl stepped forward and rushed at Tyson. The counter attack was like lightning and with a single swing Tyson hit Karl across the chest and he flew backwards, nearing he edge of the ring.

Either Tyson had the strength of giants or something wasn’t right. A heart beat later Tyson strode forward undeterred as Karl sat up, coughing up blood before dropping his sword and yelling “Yield! I Yield. I am to worn out from training that to continue this fight would not be fair for my fans, or my opponent.” And with that Karl stepped out of the ring.

A hush heralded the chorus of booing and yells of anger. However the resignation seemed to be accepted as Tyson was declared the winner and moved onto the next bout.

“Dishonourable thing that,” a fellow contestant said from near by as he leant over. “The names Sue, Sue Shawkaft. I’ve seen Karl fight before and he just didn’t even try this time. Somethin’s not right then. Well.. It looks like I am up against You and I progressed to the next round. Best of Luck to you.” Sue said with a smile, a larger bottom tooth betraying her orcish heritage.


Now the idea of a contest being rigged is nothing new. But being rigged to what reason, well we will find out this weekend! Now I do normally produce Statblocks and tonight is no exception! So see below!

Thanks for dropping by tonight for another warmup for this weekends contest! As we get ever closer to the weekend, one more sleep, I have busy weekend at the tabletop. So don’t forget to visit again this weekend for more glorious hobby and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe