Reign of Shadow

Good evening all and welcome to the alternative ending if the party was unable to defeat the Shadow in its keep or, if they decided to not go over the seas with Kyoko. We also will look at the plot for Dice-ember!.


Reign of Shadow


The grass crunched under Kyoko’s feet as she dashed across the street towards the broken crates and boxes opposite her. Throwing herself against the wall of the building she looked around to make sure that no Oni’s or Spiritfolk or beasts had spotted her. Satisfied that she was in the clear she crouched low and hurried down the street, sticking to the shadows as much as possible in case another of the Shadows minions were watching without dark vision.

Moving into one of the buildings she paused to let her eyes adjust to the darkness. Using a broken drift globe shaft to light the way she moved about the dark room. Eventually she found the mat and crate she was looking for she lifted it on well oiled hinges and quickly moved down the revealed steps. Carefully closing the hatch behind her she moved into the carefully dug tunnels and moved silently towards the outskirts of the city.

Refuge under the wall

After ten minutes of walking to came to a door that was reinforced by iron. Taking the broken shaft from the light producing trinket she put it through a hole in the door and waited. Slowly the handle turned and on the other side a stout man greeted her with a broad grin.

“We thought you were lost to us Kyoko. When the others returned without you we feared the worst.” the man said.

“Jokrum. You worry too much. We had to split up as we had a hunting party of Oni discover us. They followed me but lost the others.” She responded as she worked through the door and into the refugee town.

The town it self was constructed in some of the emergency bunkers under the walls. The walls were mainly controlled by the Oni now but with all the stone and soil above them they never noticed the Harimasu people living under the wall. Walking along the tunnel she greeted and handed out the raided supplies to the people she cared for. Her father, and his troops were elsewhere defending the last bastion of the people of Ryokughan. She, however, was captured by the Shadows servants and rescued by the people of this bunker. These survivors were either too old, young or sick to make the trek to join her father and they needed her.

For now they were surviving and it was because of her that they were able to survive for so long. So until help arrived they were to wait here, in the gloomy depths under the wall and wait.


The snow crunched underfoot as the party strolled into the town. The eerie quiet of the town only broken by the caw of a night bird or the squeal of a rusty sign. As they wondered around the city centre a shadow moved towards them. Raising the torch high the person, covered in snow shuffled towards them like a white ghost. It wasn’t until the figure was within ten feet that its true nature was revealed.

A creature made from snow, pitch black eyes and rotten fruit vegetable was hanging from its nose. As it reached out towards them with shattered ticks and bones for arms a rock smashed through its head, sending the body tumbling to the ground. “Run!” a voice called from a building as the party ran towards the building.

Racing towards the building they dashed through the snow, through the door and slammed it closed behind them. “Don’t let those things touch you. They drain the warmth from you and you soon join them in their frozen march.” the old man said with a shaky voice. “They wont come towards the houses but don’t want anyone on the streets after dark”.

The party made to check the door when they heard the thudding of something heavy on the snow outside. “Shh. Thats the other thing. There is something else. It begs to be let into your house. It appears as a jolly, kindly man and those who let it within their homes are found dead.”

The party huddled around the fire as the creatures outside continued their frozen march.

Thanks for joining me tonight. Tomorrow night we will look at a potential alternative ending for the campaign, if they fail, and prepare ourselves for dice-ember!. Don’t forget to come back for this and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe