Hello and once again good evening all; welcome to the the third post of Dice-ember and tonight we have a look at our antagonist for this month. Tonight we look at the Animators Journal Catalyst – the triggering event that sets things into motion.

So sit back, grab a drink and read on!



I was weeping the moment I closed the door behind me. This wasn’t the first time I have been ignored or scorned by the stupid residents of the sleepy town of Snowtown but this time it hurt more. But they will listen. My craft takes what is most abundant in this stupid area and makes it useful. I have the power to make their very hills alive with creatures they can control. With servants and things that can help them toil the fields, hunt game and even expand their village. But they laugh. Oh perhaps the little wooden figures I have shown them aren’t as impressive but my dolls are still useful.

These villages don’t have the vision that they need to survive in this world. What’s to make matters worse is that Mark Kenderson rejected my affections. After I proclaim my attractions to him in private and he seemingly was interested; Well that’s why the journal entry is missing from yesterday… He calls me a harlot and gets me thrown from the town square.

I need this. I can’t live poor any more. These villages, these stupid residents of Snowtown will need me. Mark my words the moment someone realises the gold mine they are living around and ignoring they will be attacked. They will come running and begging for me to aid them. Oh Journal, then I can save them.

Perhaps they just need a real demonstration. I will ready the Twigmen for tomorrow and go make a proper demonstration. Maybe after that they will listen to me.

Another night, another Dice-ember post. Tonight we looked into a page from the Animators Journal and the catalyst of this months adventure. Tomorrow we will bring back an old friend to give more insight into the situation, one that visited this time last year, and from there on we grow and shape this adventure. So don’t forget to come back each day of Dice-ember and I will see you tomorrow night… Oh and don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe