Animated Snowman

Hello and good evening all. Welcome to the the second post of Dice-ember where we look at the Animated Snowman. This month is shaping up to be quite a chill one indeed and while my country warms up for Christmas the other half of the world is getting colder.

So sit back, grab a drink and read on!

Animated Snowman


The Animated Snowman are slow unless they are on a roll. About as fast as a halfling or dwarf when they are hungry and sprinting.

The creatures themselves are ferocious and bloodthirsty when near the living and as long as they can sense the warmth in them they will hunt them down. However, they wont move through doors for some reason.

When the creatures stand still they look as if they were cheerfully created by children. However when warm blooded creatures draw near their evil disposition is revealed.

Created in tetra-cube

Thanks for joining me tonight for the second night of Dice-ember. Don’t forget to come back every night this month for Dice-ember as the Animated Snowman aren’t the only things causing havoc in Snowtown town… See you tomorrow night and don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe