Notes on the Snowman

Another night has come around and tonight we are looking at Albazhar’s notes on the Snowman. That’s right the mad-scientist mage is back this Dice-ember and he is bringing with him more study and notes on the curiosities we find our selves surrounded by. So without any further waiting let’s get on with tonight’s write-up so sit back, grab a drink and read on!

Notes on the Snowman


“The Snowman are crude, unintelligent and fragile. However as I watch them move around the frozen environment from where they are constructed in I find myself remembering the first constructs I made. They were vastly superior but there is a boyish charm to these automations that I brings back fond memories” The mage put his quill down and watched the creature moving through the snow covered field.

As it moved by rolling its lower orb-like torso component it was looking around. It was searching the white, greens and browns for something. As its head rotated the cruel mockery of a smile was revealed, little stones dotted its mouth like cruel teeth. Albazhar grinned as he took further notes on the Snowman.

“It’s body is constructed of compacted snow and twigs to bind them together. When it stands still its almost indistinguishable from other snowmen that children and adults create in the colder months. Its several large snowballs can move independently and as such it can be frighteningly fast and nimble.” The mage clicked its fingers and one of his own creations, a flesh golem, dragged a goblin servant, who protested with high pitched squeals, towards the portal that led to the pocket dimension.


As soon as the green flesh of the goblin hit the white snow the head of the snowman swivelled in the direction of the creature. Slowly it began to roll towards the goblin. The goblin had scurried behind a log and was currently crawling towards a tree to climb. The snowman slowly edged in the general direction of the creature silently. It paused occasionally for minutes to look like an inanimate object.

Albazhar took notes, his hand a blur with his owlbear quill as he watched the moment the snowman came within sixty feet. Instantly the head stopped swivelling and faced the goblins position. Its constructed hands moved forward, one large club like branch and one that had talon like twigs that stretched out towards its prey. The goblin squealed and raced towards the tree that was twenty feet away. The Snowman shocked the mage as it moved with such pace that it bet the goblin to the tree. The moment before it ripped the screaming humanoid apart the mage snapped his fingers and a wall of fire appeared between the snowman and the goblin.

The snowman paused before hastily moving in the opposite direction of the fire, its head swivelling as it searched for prey away from the fire. “Interesting. The creation of this automation looks to have given it some degree of limited blindsight. It dreads fire, which is no surprise based on its construction of ice that melts and twigs that burn. However it is surprisingly fast and vicious. Perhaps I can improve upon this creation with a new model.” he jotted down his notes next to the arcane glyphs and phrases in the book.

“More research to be done.” the mage clicked his fingers to get the flesh golems attention. “Retrieve the goblin for me. I need it for another set of tests”.

I am glad that Albazhar has returned. A long lasting wizard and figurehead of general wrong-ness in my adventures he has returned for Dice-ember again. Don’t forget to come back this week as we expand upon the adventure. Also, as usual, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe