Investigating Snowtown

The fifth day of Dice-ember brings us to the party investigating Snowtown. Tonight the party investigate the town during the daylight hours and uncover something quite disturbing. So sit back, make yourself a hot coffee and enjoy the festivities!

Investigating Snowtown


As the party levered the door open and crept out the bright morning suns rays reflected off a fresh blanket of white snow. Gone were the creatures from last night and only the occasional pile of snow, twigs and stones remained in near piles around the town. Moving from door to door the townsfolk crept outwards as the party began investigating Snowtown in full.

There was no sign at all. No foot prints, tracks or traces of the frosty reception they received the previous night. Where wild or malicious creatures would attempt to get to their prey through doors or windows these creatures did not. There was no sign of forced entry, attempted or otherwise on any of the buildings nor fresh scratch marks on doors or windows. As the smoke rose from the chimney stacks in each house, a sign of how cold it was outside and inside the buildings of this town, the party were left looking east to the woods.

The pine woods were dense and dark. Even the brightening sky seemed to be unable to penetrate these woods that grew at the top of a hill and while the town was coming alive once more the party set off to investigate the woods whilst breakfast was being readied. The trek to the woods was difficult but the thick cold clothing that the villagers provided them kept the chill at bay. The trek uphill through shin deep snow made the trek more difficult but all was peaceful on the hill.

The Forest

As they came closer to the forest the darkness, branches and leaves made the forest seem alive and whilst above the snow covered fields the birds sang and welcomed the dawn the forest remained silent. As the party came closer to the forest the shapes between the trees started to take form.

Dozens! Scores even of snowmen were standing in the shadows of the trees, unmoving but focused on the town. As the party came closer to the treeline the stone eyes seemed to stare into their souls and the crushing silence hit the party like any true strike could. After a few moments of staring and investigating the snowmen they noticed that amongst the compressed snow bodies fragments of cloth could be found. Similar clothing to what they were wearing now.

Looking from construct to construct they edged closer. As soon as the party left the sunlight and drifted into the shadow each and every head from the snowmen swivelled in their direction. Suddenly inanimate constructs of snow moved like lethal predators and moved towards the party at a frantic pace. Stumbling backwards into the sun and down the hill as fast as the snow would let them they retreated. But as they glanced behind them the snowmen had ceased moving and were once again frozen in place amongst the trunks.

Setting the scene for this weeks components we find ourselves with spooky, sudden-moving constructs in the shadows of nearby trees. A slightly horror inspired adventure for this years Dice-ember but one that I promise will be rewarding. So don’t forget to come back each day this week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe