Rolling Ambush

The Seventh day of Dice-ember brings us to the party as they return from a dark discovery at the nearby woods. As they are returning back they are surprised by a Rolling Ambush that takes them off guard and threatens to bury them under the snow.

Rolling Ambush


The party start to head back towards the town making sure to keep an eye on the snowmen within the trees. As they started the trek back to Snowtown with more questions than answers they started to feel a vibration in the ground. After a few minutes the tremor ceased and nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary around Snowtown or Mount Gritch. Entering the town the towns people looked concerned over the tremors and were murmuring and pointing towards the mountain.

Again the tremors returned and this time there was movement from the ridge up above. Soon a cascade of snow was hurtling down the hill but as it hit the trees of the forest it died down and only a few little drifts of snow slid towards the town. But as the party watched the drifts of snow little balls of snow sped across these slowing sheets and hurtled towards the town at a faster pace.

The balls swerved to avoid obstacles and quickly crashed over the low walls of the town and hurtled into the clearing where the party were standing. The balls didn’t stop and quickly hurtled towards the party. It was only then that they could see glowing orb like eyes passing across the snowball and as they collided with people little arm like pseudopods shot forth and wrapped around the person.

Shockingly strong they gathered upon the party and townsfolk, pseudopods of ice wrapping around limbs and pulling people to the frozen ground. Blade quickly severed the arm like appendages but it was too late for some of the elderly or frail.

The balls were quickly turned into puddles of ice and a single glowing chunk of coal that sizzled before being extinguished under heel. The snow ball like creatures seemed to be exceedingly fragile but strong and numerous. The party once again turned their sights towards the ridge in the Gritch mountains where the tremors sent a sheet of ice their way. Wondering what else they would have to face this day and into the night.

Another day in Snowtown where the frozen constructs plague our party. Tonight the snowballs come to town and they bring a crushing embrace that smothers people with festive cheer. Well, at least the smothering part. Don’t forget to come back the next few nights as we look at maps and creature stat blocks and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe