Welcome to Snowtown

The sixth day of Dice-ember I bring to you images to spark the creative embers that fuel this months adventure. Tonight we officially say welcome to Snowtown as we get a glimpse of some of the people, the village and beyond! So sit down with a hot coffee and enjoy what’s been created.

I should mention that I am looking at another art creation tool tonight, nightcafe.studio. I will give a bit more of my first impressions of it later in tonight’s blog but for now its producing some nice artwork (that is free and able to be used privately or commercially).

Welcome to Snowtown


Snowtown: Created in nightcafe.studio

The town of Snowtown is set against the high peaks of the Gritch mountains which sees the town blanketed in snow year round. The walls of most building are double or triple bricked with thick insulation to keep them warm year round. Apart from the snow the second most common thing to see in the skies of Snowtown. Smoke rises from each chimney stack just as quickly as the wind that whips down from the mountains whisks it away. There is a single road into Snowtown, a relatively well maintained one due to the town being near some hard to find resources. This promotes trade and trade needs good roads so the trek into the town isn’t as gruelling as one would imagine.

Nightfall in Snowtown: Created in nightcafe.studio

Despite the well maintained road there are pockets where the village isn’t well maintained. Fresh faced villagers are in short supply in Snowtown and slowly the population of the town is aging. There are occasionally a wayward traveller will settle down in the town and re-spruce up an old building as their home but this is a rare occurrence. As such some buildings have fallen into disrepair despite the best attempts of the townsfolk.

The People

Penny Cartwright: created in nightcafe.studio

Penny Cartwright settled with her family in Snowtown when she was a young lass. Now into adulthood she maintains the general store whilst her family travels the roads selling the wares of the village to further villages.

Penn always has a far off look in her eyes, as if not actually looking at customers when they talk to her. It’s almost as if she is dreaming of a different life past the snow, the trees and the road that leads out of the village and into the vast world beyond. But despite this longing for more she is bright and cheerful. She truly enjoys the people she talks to and loves to serve the townsfolk of Snowtown.

Daryll Sootbrow: Created in nightcafe.studio

Stout and gruff is how the villagers would describe Daryll. He is short tempered, strong as an ox and has the manners of one. However he is the first to jump in to do what is right and help those in true need. Once a black smith forging the measly amounts of ore that could be found in the hills around Snowtown necessity saw him close his forge and move to support his then wife at the inn.

One morning he woke to find her gone with no trace or note, but other villagers had known that she left the town and the responsibility of the inn to Daryll. Lying to himself he believed that if he worked hard enough at the Inn she would come back. She never did but he hasn’t the heart or will power to leave the inn to someone else despite hating what it now represents for him.

Thoughts – Nightcafe

An interesting concept of taking text and converting it into images. So far the images that have been created seem to be nearly on-point however the limited ability to modify your existing creations to get them just right (like in artbreeder) is frustratingly odd.

I would prefer to be able to tweak images once purchased (more on that in a minute) so that they are fit for purpose. I tried to get an image of Daryll (as you can see under that gallery) to be just right and to fix the “broken hand appearance” that one of the images has. Alas it was not to be. Despite my best efforts in tweaking the image based on text input it was a throw-away result.

However, the other images are something I would consider a success. This leads me onto the next point. Cost.

Now each image costs .5 (or .25 if you want 4 images created from a string of text for options) of a token. You earn tokens by doing daily tasks but if you are like me and like to sit down and make a bunch of images at once… No amount of daily tasks will fuel the creative need I have or gaining followers (and likes) by sharing your art.

You can of course by more tokens to fuel your creative spark, and they aren’t super expensive however it appears to mainly be subscription based plans which I dam not a big fan of.

I will continue to create a few more images on here and see how we go.

Now that we have a bit more details of the town and people we can begin to get the ball rolling. Thanks for dropping in tonight but don’t forget that tonight it just the beginning of the week, sort of. So don’t forget to come back each day this week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe