Investigating the Avalanche

The twelfth day of Dice-ember sees the party moving to start investigating the avalanche and running into some unexpected help! We are half way through, yeah I know… It’s going way to fast… the dice-ember season and the end is only thirteen days away! So sit back, sip a hot coffee and let’s roll on with it.

Investigating the Avalanche


As the party finished dealing with the sentient construct-snowballs they saw more movement up in the hills above them as the snow continued to settle after the avalanche. After some coercion from the townsfolk the party started to trek towards the rocky outcrop where the avalanche began.

As they moved through the snow their new snow-boots enabled them to walk on top of the loose snow rather than through it. However it did make them slower and the trek took quite some time. As they reached the ridge they looked down at the sleepy town below them. Snowtown in the mid-morning light looked quiet and peaceful. Hard to believe that every night it was overrun by constructs made from snow. Sitting down on a relatively dry and stable rocky outcrop they brought out the breakfast that they were given by the villagers and started to eat the somewhat warm sandwiches.

“Hail strangers.” a deep baritone voice came from nearby as several goliaths in red and white coats strode towards them from over the ridge above them. “Strange happenings going on around here. Did you see an Avalanche recently?” one of the goliaths asked as she hefted a great axe above her shoulder.

A Proposition

Not seeming to care about the party’s presence they moved to stand next to them and with a large meaty hand the tallest waved down towards the village a few hundred feet below them. “After what’s been happening with our village we thought we should check in with the people of Snowtown. They don’t have the warriors like we do and we were concerned that the creatures may have taken them.” The oldest of the Goliaths said after a moment of joyful shouts from the villagers below. “We have seen strange shapes moving around the old quarry. Not that there is much more use for it now as the great damn broke but we cant afford to send our warriors that way as the few that have stayed back to defend the village need to stay back with the elderly and young.”

“If you’ve begun helping the people of Snowtown would you be able to help us and look into the old Quarry? It may be the answer to both our questions. We would go if we could spare the warriors and you lot seem more than capable.” The elder asked as he looked towards them with kind eyes.

Looking down towards the town, the dark forest just to the north of it and the knowledge of the shapes milling about the darkened trunks. The party saw no other better offer so decided the quarry could be a good next point of investigation whilst they still had daylight.

A quarry. These types of adventures for a week always excite me. In fact a few of my favourite adventures take place in mines or caves so I have high hopes for this adventure. So don’t forget to come back the rest of this week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe