Frostkeeper Construct

The twenty first day of Dice-ember see’s our party entering deeper into the quarry. Having fought off cavern dwelling creatures they turn the corner just in time to witness the enchantress finish her ritual to create a Frostkeeper Construct.

Frostkeeper Construct


The thrum of magic began to get more palpable as the party got closer to the pulsating light source. The sound of combat from the icicle like creatures and the party didn’t cause any disturbances from the lower levels of the cavern. However this also meant that the ritual had not stopped and that what ever was in the next room was likely aware of their presence.

As the flickering light from the room head touched their shoes the thrum and rhythmic chanting ceased. Panting could be heard from the chamber but the flickering light was the only sound that could be heard.

Turning the corner the party spied a young woman collapsed on a chair made from a solid block of ice. A table in front of her lay empty except for a puddle of water and some ruined rope and belts. After a moment the girl looked up, clutching a broken arm to her chest as she looked, dazed, about the room. A trickle of blood came down her head as she gazed hazily at the party. “You… You’re not meant to be here. Go. Now. The ritual was a failure. He is.. the frostkeeper construct is not right. Oh gods something went wrong.” Aster said as she began to shake. “The commands I placed on him are not enough. I thought I could save him but no. I have tortured him. Be careful. He is coming.”

A pattering of feet on the cold stone floor could be heard in the darkness beyond the flickering light from several braziers. The light so harsh in the darkness that even those with darkvision struggled to see into the murk beyond. A howl or rage, both human and monster bellowed forth and a large, man shaped creature rushed forward.

First contact – Frostkeeper Construct

It’s shoulders were broad, its torso bare with a dark ice creating its muscular form. Large powerful legs with sharp blades of ice that jutted out from its knees into the ground below enabled it to move quickly and stably. However the party wasn’t ready for the human arm encased in sections of dark ice. Nor the very human eyes that looked outwards from the head of the creation. The moment the party realised that his construct was created on top of, well what remained of a humans body the full horror of the creation came into perspective.

Rushing forward the frostkeeper construct smashed through the ice formed table and rushed towards the party. Rage, pain and confusion glowed from its foggy eyes as it did what it knew best, prepare for a fight.

Tonight the full extent of the enchantresses constructs comes to be known. The Frostkeeper Construct is a shell that protects the young man the Enchantress was pursuing, yet something went horribly wrong. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to find out more about the layout of the areas and what our party will be fighting. Also don’t forget to come back this weekend as we bring Dice-ember to a conclusion for this year. And lastly, as we come to the end of the year don’t forget to spend some time with those that matter the most to you. It’s the time we take to reflect and celebrate what means the most to us. So don’t forget to relax and start the new year refreshed and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe