Aster Sepharin

The twentieth day of Dice-ember finally brings Aster Sepharin to us. So let’s look at our antagonist for this years Dice-ember and the imagery that inspires her. She is a young yet powerful mage who is driven to master her art not just for herself, but for a village that would rather she didn’t. But people do crazy things for the things and people that they believe they love.

Aster Sepharin


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Aster is young by magic user standards but she is dedicated and driven to her craft. Not necessarily evil or bad but her creations or, to be more exact, her inexperience with them leads to disaster. She is after all a passionate yet frustrated young lady that others don’t share her vision or drive. Yet despite her drive, talent and passion she still has room left in her life for generosity and despite the means to getting there her creation of constructs was meant to be the way forward into the new era for the townsfolk of Snowtown.

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And that’s it for tonight. As we inch closer to the end of the year I wanted to say thanks for those who have joined me for this journey. Don’t forget to keep the spark of creativity alive this festive season and don’t forget to come back for the last few days of Dice-ember as we wrap up this adventure. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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