The Pennywhistle Company

Hello and welcome to another night where we look at the NPCs for this weeks adventure! Tonight we set out sights on the Pennywhistle company as they are in dire need of assistance after a fast attack from bandits, and a brash headed daughter giving chase. So sit back, enjoy the NPC art and let’s roll on with tonight’s content!

The Pennywhistle Company


The Pennywhistle Company – Travelling Merchants and more

The Pennywhistle company specialises in getting the goods people want to the places they need it. Not a large company they specialise in boutique wares and the owner of the mercantile company, Ruthor, has a solid mind for business. His wife Eve is a half-elf who wanted a quiet life after being a member of the kings army. But having never quite fit nor finding acceptance for her heritage she fell in love with a travelling merchant who saw who she was besides her ears. While Eve is disciplined, strong and stoic Ruthor is emotional, empathetic and passionate. These traits were blended nearly perfectly in their daughter, Beau, who is both strong and emotional – a trait that sees her get the better over her father but clash with her mother.

The last piece in the puzzle is the oldest business partner and hired guardian of the caravan, Stephan. Stephan is the one who introduced Eve to Ruthor after Stephan overheard Eve’s desire to leave the army and knew that Ruthor needed an extra guard. What Stephan didn’t account for as the relationship that would blossom from there.

The Members

Ruthor Pennywhistle

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Despite being susceptible to anyone who plays to his empathy and humanity Ruthor is a tactical and keen business man with a keen eye for not only profit, but lucrative business investments.

He values the success that his business brings second only to his family and oldest friend. Due to this he will risk it all to protect them and see that they have the best care that his money can buy. This frivolous behaviour is one of the things that Eve and he don’t see eye to eye on.

Eve Pennywhistle

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Eve is swift and lethal with a blade or spear and knows how to repair just about anything with very limited resources. Assigned to the support core where she mended supply wagons and guarded them from attack she is used to defending and fighting near and with land vehicles. This makes her a perfect companion in the Pennywhistle Company.

Whilst business and bandits respond well to her discipline and cold stare her daughter does not. Eve and her daughter do not see eye to eye frequently but there is a mutual respect and adoration for each other that is undeniable.

Beau Pennywhistle

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Wild and strong Beau has her mothers knack for battle and her fathers high emotions. She learnt how to defend herself early on from her mother and has attempted to learn the tricks of the trade from her father. But the wilds call to her and she would rather be riding a horse through the plains and forest than sitting on a wagon.

Despite being reckless and undisciplined she can take care of herself and not only does she and her mother make a lethal combination but Stephan and her are a sight to behold when fighting side by side.


Created in Artbreeder

Stephan is the oldest friend of Ruthor and business partner of the Pennywhistle company. The closest thing to a confidant and uncle to Beau they have a strong bond and can be found sparring around the camp fire most nights. Stephan’s melee prowess is second only to Eve but he is just as calculating and tactical as Ruthor is in business but with battle.

Once a mercenary for hire he was hired many years ago and once the contract was over he joined the company as a partner so he could continue to travel whilst keeping his skills sharp.

Tonight I had a lot of fun when creating the NPC portraits. Utilising for Ruthor (and attempting to create one for Eve) I wanted something a bit more tailored for the NPCs tonight. So returning to trusty Artbreeder was the easiest step for me. With how the blend of a broader face of Ruthor and the fine elven features from Eve I am happy with the resemblance in Beau. Stephan gives me Jeremy Irons vibes and I am happy that it sparks memories of a few movies I enjoyed similar characters in.

Don’t forget that tonight is still the beginning of the week. Tomorrow we reveal the twists and turns of the woods so don’t forget to come back tomorrow. Thursday night I hope to have a few maps available (emphasis on few) for this weeks encounter and look forward to producing them. And lastly I hope that you spend a bit of time nurturing that creative spark or indulging in some Tabletop games this week and if it’s Dungeons and Dragons, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
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