The White Prince

Welcome to Wednesday where tonight I want to look at the White Prince. The White Prince is new to these lands but power hungry and despite his young age, ambitious. Using what he has found he begins to be more aggressive and this is what brings the adventurers to Pine Ridge. Curious to meet the Prince? Well let’s sit back, grab a coffee and roll on with tonight’s adventure.

The White Prince


As the last of the kobolds moved through the cave he looked across his minions with satisfaction. However he knew that it was a matter of time before a larger male moved into this spot. Well that was his fear. He knew that unless he instilled fear into his pathetic minions that they would default to the next big boss that arrives here. As one of the kobolds was carrying what appeared to be a large polished dish of steel he lashed out with a claw and with a sickening thud separated its head from shoulders. The large dish rolled to the ground

The other Kobolds in the cave stared at him opened mouth and wide eyed, the musk of fear was palpable. With a cold, high-yet rumbling voice he spoke to the humanoids. ‘Let that be a reminder to you. This vermin was coveting the riches that are mine. All riches in, above and around these mountains are mine.'”‘ he spoke as he crawled forward to grab the polished dish and jammed it between roof and floor, creating a distorted mirror.

Some of the remaining kobolds skittered forwards and grabbed the twitching body and head, dragging it out whilst they moved around the lair with renewed vigour. Smiling the prince admired himself in the custom mirror and the food and growing treasure from the area near his den. But the pile was small, growing still, and he wanted more. Looking towards the larger, stronger Kobold nearby the Prince barked at him.


‘Kizzet, where are the other treasures? I thought you said that we had more!’ a mote of white smoke-like drifted from its nostrils ‘Are you keeping some from me?’ he snarled.

The Kobold turned around and dropped to a knee, this one did not smell of fear at all. ‘My Lord. We ran into a issue. a warrior from the village ambushed us and slew a few of our people. As we rallied the female retreated with some of your treasure. We gave chase but she escaped.’ the kobold reported.

‘You will find this warrior and teach this female a lesson. No one steals from me!’ the prince roared as he threw himself onto his treasure and killed animals and started to take his frustration out on the meat.

‘You heard the white prince!’ barked Kizzet, ‘Rally the warriors. We move at dusk!’

Thanks for dropping by tonight. This see’s us with the beginning of a two-stage adventure planned this week where we have Kobolds attacking the village and then the hunt for the white prince. So don’t forget to come back the last few days this week as we explore more. Also don’t forget that with the weekend approaching fast to set aside some time for your own hobby. Whether its painting, building, reading or rolling dice make sure to nurture that creative spark. And lastly, as always, don’t forget to roll it with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe