The Pines of Pine ridge

Welcome to another map night where tonight I have the first of two maps for this week, the Pines of Pine Ridge. The hills surrounding pine ridge are heavily wooded which puts the town itself in an ideal place. Positioned with resources for building houses and structures as well as providing food and shelter for game and stock. But there is a darker side of the hills and that will come this weekend. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure.

The Pines of Pine ridge


The heavily wooded hills provide ample places for the party to hide and make ambushes for potential enemies. But the other way around is also viable. Hills with trees and bushes of varying sizes and heights provide a uneven and complex environment for the party to move through as well as to perceive threats. However a well worn path can be seen where several deep drag marks indicate the frequent movement of heavier items. Whoever made these tracks either wanted them to be seen or was in too much of a hurry to care.

Pine Ridge Hills – Created in Inkarnate


A great place for an ambush on the party or for the party. A series of skill checks to get here first (rangers provide this benefit for free – a pity point for them) can mean that the party arrive and have time to plan when there is one or two enemies around. But getting there later its a different story.

Tomorrow night we will look at the ins and outs around the encounter but also the creatures we are encountering this week. But On Saturday I will release another map for the final encounter of this weeks adventure – and its going to be chilling.

Thanks for joining me tonight but don’t forget to come back the last few days. I have a bit more planned for this adventure and hopefully finally catch up on a few Zines. So I hope that with this weekend approaching fast you wont forget to set aside some time for your hobby and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe