Risk it all for Research

Tonight and I have created another zine out of Januaries Soulbound adventure, Risk it all for Research. This adventure can be modified to be system agnostic if you don’t want to use it for soulbound. So please adjust to what ever creatures you are using in your adventure! However as always the monster statistics can be found in the Soulbound core rules and adjusted to quickly balance an encounter for if you wish to modify the adventure.

So I hope you enjoy this weeks adventure, Risk it all for Research. If you like this format please let me know and I hope you enjoy.

Risk it all for Research


The Beastmire Plains – Created in nightcafe.studio

The Orruks gathered around the hills and rocky formations. Calling out to the Gork and Mork in their frenzied battle cries they feasted on the beasts they had hunted during the day. Despite the festivities and the humans that had camped nearby they held back from a fight as the cunning shamans had a plan, one most cunning.

The humans relied on their scouts to tell them the lay of the land, but the sudden appearance of Kruleboyz and the shamans that they brought with them gave them pause to think. And think they did. As the Kruleboyz pet sloggoths dragged the gargantuan bow to the peak of a hill they waited and continued to rally, gathering in force until their waaagh couldn’t sustain itself. Despite their frenzy they still managed to contain their urge to fight. Soon the trap would be sprung and then the humans would be ripe for the slaughter and the boyz would be ready.

The sloggoth placed the large crossbow on the hill and the lanky kruleboyz orruks strode up to its side. Placing a large cruel hand on its flank the sloggoth moved away to cower elsewhere as the boss looked at the fine machine. Bolts as large as a ship’s mast were brought up by hobgrots. These bolts were large enough to take down even stardrakes or their lesser kin the draconith, but their target was something else.

Rumours of flying wizards and the cursed soulbound had come to them through a source. This bow would be trained on the skies waiting for the elite warriors and leaders of the forces of order to rally forth, then it would be too late to turn back.

The Dawn-Keeper

The Dawn Keeper Concepts – Created in nightcafe.studio

PDF adventure – Risk it all for Research

Thanks for joining me tonight for the first part in the Soulbound Zines I am creating. I hope to get the other one out this week as I have worked out a format that I am happy with so we can have two Soulbound Zines out and only have one more to catch up on! I am left with wishing you re-rolls on your saving throws this week as we go through another week of the year. Don’t forget to come back this week for a new set of D&D adventures and I will maybe bring a bit more on my new campaign,
The Brazen Wolfe