The Feline Filcher

Welcome to the start of another night of adventure and this week we are introduced to the Feline Filcher. The City of Drileah has a problem, one they want kept under wraps and one that they wish to be dealt with discretely. So let’s crack it open, expose it to the light and while we’re at it, steal a moment to ourselves. So sit down, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

The Feline Filcher


City of Drileah – Created in

As the sun sets and dusk progresses to night the city of Drileah becomes rich with the sounds of parties, cat calls and other nightlife. But, the sound of guards mailed boots also ring across the cacophony of merriment and display of wealth as they are on the hunt this night.

Somewhere the softest of footfalls could be heard as a dark figure opened a latch on a window. The laughter from the owners and occupants, guests at the party, were loud from downstairs. The shadow stopped as it watched the flare of light from a pipe glow from a corner in the room, a trap. However this was not news for the burglar. Raising a fine hand it summoned the sound of a creaking board in the room over. Instantly the figure hiding in the corner of the room stood up and left the room, casting a great deal of light and noise in the room.

The Job

Good that will keep him busy for a moment‘ thought the thief as the window swung silently inwards. Soft soled shoes met intricate rugs and cloths strewn on the floor, but he moonlight illuminated the trip wires which allowed the shadow to dance around them. Within heartbeats the door to a cupboard was open and the near-silent clack of lock picks was the only thing that she could hear. A moment later and the lock was open and a gloved hand grabbed the object that it knew was there. In fact everything had gone so well to plan that the noise from outside the door was almost a welcome relief to the noise of the party.

“What the” was the only noise the mercenary made before a handful of dust was thrust into his face. Within a second the robust, well muscled man was falling towards the ground. The figure, a woman, dashed forward to catch the paid guard before his body hit the ground. The slightly bent nose a mark of pride for many, but for this man it gave him a distinct look. Not something one wants when they want to blend in and be forgotten.

With a flick of her wrist his purse was also in her hand, a bonus in addition to the gold she was getting paid to retrieve the object in her bag.

“G..Guards!” a voice called from the hall as they saw the unconscious man. The alert was of no worry though as the thief was already out the window and dashing, silently across the rooftops. A tiny black cat was left in the palm of the mercenary – the mark of the Feline Filcher.


I am quite excited to bring this adventure to life this week. I have a history of trying to add excitement and mystery to my adventures for my party. The theme of this week is the power of the bare minimum. In fact this could be a level 1 encounter and I plan to show my players just what you can do with some creativity.

The Feline Filcher is a cat burglar. However there is always a ulterior motive for key NPCs and this weeks no exception. In fact this old trope should bring nostalgia for my players and I am looking forward to the look of confusion on their faces.

Thanks for joining me tonight. I find the imagery helps sell the story and this week the moonlit streets tells a tale by itself. So I want to welcome you to a fun week, one that you may just learn something knew to add to your campaigns. However it does introduce something that is hard to pull off, so I will do my best to it justice. Don’t forget to join me each night this week as we expand this adventure. Don’t forget to set some time aside for your own tabletop and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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