Cerberus Cole

Welcome to another NPC night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and tonight we are being introduced to Cerberus Cole. The guard captain of the city of Drileah has his work cut out for him at the moment and unfortunately our party may have stumbled into more than they can handle. Intrigued? Well you should be as tonight we put Cerberus under the magnifying glass! So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Cerberus Cole


As the party marches down the street, escorted by guard they can’t help but notice how busy this city is during the day. Merchants beckon potential customers from store fronts and stalls and the volume of customers is beyond what they were expecting. However due to the guard escort, something that they had received upon entering the city the party drew many looks.

Shopkeepers, customers and the upperclassmen and ladies of the city pointed and spoke in hushed tones as the party was ushered by no less than a dozen guards towards the guard quarters. “Not far now you lot” one guard said to them, an older man with a kind face. “If you’re just visitors to the city as you claim then you will be on your way and this little mess we have going on will be far behind ye” he continued.

The city guards building was a grand affair of ornate masonry and glass windows, but there were a number of lords, ladies and merchants standing out front. Those that called and tried to push past a row of guards were staggering. Each one of them called for the guards to be disbanded, to allow mercenaries and paid private guards to take over the protection of the city of Drileah.

Guard Captain Cerberus Cole

Cerberus Cole – created in Nightcafe.studio

The guards led the party past the complainant’s who called for the guard to do something about the current thefts. As soon as the party met the eyes of the victims of the theft they called of their guilt rained down upon them. The guard however protected the party and urged them through to the rooms beyond.

Down several halls they were led until they arrived at a door that hung slightly Ajar. “Captain Cole sir, I have a new group for questioning” the friendly guard called out, winking at the party.

The man on the other side of the door sighed deeply, and loudly. “Bring them through, let’s get it over with then” he answered. The door opened to reveal a relatively fit middle aged man with a well groomed beard. He sat around piles of paperwork and books and looked up at the party. “Well… This will be quick. These aren’t the Feline Filcher. Thank you for following the process Regi but we can declare this lot innocent. Unless they are the Feline Filcher and we can finally put this nightmare to rest. Imagine, this lot trusting dishonest mercenaries and thugs to guard the streets! Pah! These people are the same lot that let the burglar make off with their treasured possessions!”

Cole sat down and grabbed a corked bottle. “Well, while you’re here. Do you want to sit and make it appear as though we are treating you as actual suspects to this crime spree?”


Every cat burglar has to have someone trying to catch them. This is the unwritten rule. Cerebus Cole is our such fellow in this weeks adventure as we look through what this week has in store for our party. I think the art depicts Cole quite well, but I may look for a better portrait later this week, probably for the Zine!

Thanks for joining me tonight we we looked at this weeks hero. I have high hopes for Cole this week and, hopefully, with a little help from the party we will have the thief in our hands. But more on her tomorrow night.

So don’t forget to come back this week as I continue expand our adventure. This weeks sees our party catching a thief, with or without the guards involvement. However, the quarry isn’t without their own tricks so the party may learn a thing or two this week. So don’t forget to visit to find out and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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