Not all Thieves

Welcome to Wednesday night where we discovered that not all thieves are the ruthless cutthroats we know and love. Tonight we find out that the Feline Filcher steals and fights for a cause that is close to her heart. But will the party and the city guard see the cause behind her crime spree or will one of her nine lives come to an end. Let’s roll into tonight’s adventure and find out!

Not all Thieves


As dawn started to peak its head over the edge of the buildings Sarline stood in the doorway to her room and sighed deeply. Tonight wasn’t without its hiccups but she did manage to get home with the item that was requested of her. Walking over to the loose board in the wall she pried it open to reveal the hidden chest that she kept there. “It will have to do for tonight” she told herself as she stashed the urn made from amber into the hidden chest.

The Feline Filcher – created in

Shrugging off her outer hooded cloak she lay it on the back of a wooden chair before moving to get some food and water. Her lodgings were humble but comfortable and she had a basin of water at least. Using a touch of the magic she had been blessed with she cleaned the marks from her clothes before turning her attention to her hooded cloak. Pushing the ears of her hood back into their pouches and once satisfied she turned to the rest of it. Calling on her magic again the pouches were sewn back shut and the dark soot she had forced into the the clothes were cleaned created a light red hood. Very different form the back it as last night.

No visitors welcome

“Welcome home Sarline,” a voice said from the doorway, “you continue to amaze the boss”.

Sighing Sarline turned around to the man in the doorway. “Well, this is an unwelcome surprise. Didn’t you read the sign out front. No visitors are welcome.” she snapped.

“Now now, the boss just wants the item and in return you get what we promised.” the man sneered as he knew he had her where he wanted her. “Unless you want to go back on the deal that is?” he goaded.

“Shut up Pike. I’ll meet you in the alleyway in two minutes.” she added as she stalked towards the man. Retreating he nodded and left leaving Sarline to retrieve the amber urn. A few moments later she had climbed down from her window to the alleyway and was prepared for the trade. “Alright. Here you are. But I need proof that the barter on your end is made” she said to the men in the alleyway.

Dirty business

“now, now Sarline. Your words offend me. To know that you think so little of me hurts deeply.” a man with a voice like cold steel said from a doorway. “If my word isn’t enough then,” he clicked to punctuate his sentence. Several children were produced at the end of the alleyway and released with a kick. The children ran off without a moments notice and disappeared from their captors. “surely that suffices?”

“You gave your word that you wouldn’t harm or kidnap any more children. This is the last job then I am done Seth.” Sarline snapped as she handed the urn to a lackey who took it straight to the thug-boss.

“I would hate to think you would abandon the other children. Alas I caught two of the little devils trying to steal from one of my shops and I had to avoid them being arrested by Captain Cole now didn’t I?” he smirked

“You bastard!” she screamed in response. “Release them!”

“One last job. You have my word and everything and anything is done. If the children are caught stealing again then the guard can handle them next time.” Seth said with a look that pleaded honesty.

“Whats the job you scum?” she sighed, clenching her fists to prevent her from laying into the man.

“I’ll send word to you. Two nights from now.” Seth said as he walked off, chuckling to himself and his crew.


So the cat burglar turns out to be working to save children. I normally try to avoid these common tropes but this week was just too easy to flow into and, I think it will be an exciting adventure. In fact I hope to be able to run this adventure this week or very soon.

Thanks for joining me tonight but don’t forget to come back this week as I continue expand our adventure. As we learn that not all thieves are evil. Tomorrow we look at the extra content, but I want this week to be a theatre of the mind event – so I will look at what I can organise. Don’t forget to visit to find out what I come up with and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe