Approaching Thrall Keep

The shadow of the Thrall Keep covering Finchford City, the dangers of the woods and then the hike up to the ruins is what lies in wait when the party being approaching thrall keep. This Thursday night brings a few inspirational points to help guide the encounter and adventure. Instead of maps that can restrict imagination let it flow this week. So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy the inspiration flow below!

Approaching Thrall Keep


Approaching Thrall Keep

The decision to approach the keep is one that the party will need to make. To trigger this though the party would need a reason to begin.

“A rumbling came through the floor. At first the party thought it was the dragging of a stool for a bar fight but even the combatants ceased their hostility and waited. Listening. Moving outside Marie was close in front of the party when the great beating of wings could be heard and the silhouette of a large dragon appeared in front of the moonlit clouds. A dragon, as Marie has claimed, had appeared to take up residence in the ruins. However the party felt something was odd in the way it moved, the movements felt disjointed as if the creature wasn’t well. It flew with too infrequent wing beats to keep its large frame aloft.

Yes, something wasn’t right.

Marie bit her thumb and frowned “That’s no dragon,” she muttered under her breath as the other inhabitants of Finchford appeared in the street and began to flee in panic. “Something’s not right here..” she said as she turned to the party

Thrall keep view from the behind the pillars – Created in nightcafe

The Forest

Now the approach to the keep lies under a heavily wooded path that leads up towards the keep. I find this is a great spot for an ambush of either diggers pretending to be bandits or creatures of the woods.

Perhaps an encounter with a friendly denizen of the forest who accuses the party of being part of the others who travel the path. Giving clues to what lies at the end of the journey as well as what is going on.

Finchford Woods – created in nightcafe

The Keep

Now I believe the keep should have high parts and lows. Places to hide and sneak through the entire ruins if desired as well as open places for combat. Broken walls could expose higher levels to climb into for an advantage. Uneven ground could give a disadvantage to people fighting across the ruins and even discarded tools and weapons could be hazards.

However the people that current work here, they are the ones to watch out for and the party would need to have a solid plan in dealing with them before engaging the group.

Thrall Keep under moon – created in nightcafe

Thanks for joining me tonight. A shorter one this week as I wanted to focus on preparation for a tournament tonight. But this weekend I will look to include some new and old maps in the end of week Zine. So don’t forget to come back fro the last few days and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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