Snowtown Town

Hello and good evening all. Welcome to the the first night of Dice-ember! Tonight we look at one of the maps that I will refer to as Snow Town for the time being. Snowtown Town is where our party will find themselves looking into the nightmares of the night where snow constructs stalk


Snowtown Town


Snowtowns Town Map

Created in Inkarnate

Now to set the scene yesterdays dice-ember post…


The town up ahead looked peaceful in the distance with its slate roofs covered in fresh snow. The sun was high in the sky and the party was glad to be heading towards a town. Judging by their current pace, via back of a farmers wagon, they would make it there just before nightfall.

“A the town of Snowtown. A cosy little place” the man up front said as he urged his horses to go further up a hill. As they moved higher up into the hills towards Snowtown the weather changed with their progress. Soon snow started to fall and the weather outside made it necessary to put the canvas roof over the wagon for the party members to stay somewhat dry.

Night fall

The snow crunched underfoot as the party strolled into the town. The eerie quiet of the town only broken by the caw of a night bird or the squeal of a rusty sign. As they wondered around the city centre a shadow moved towards them. Raising the torch high the person, covered in snow shuffled towards them like a white ghost. It wasn’t until the figure was within ten feet that its true nature was revealed.

A creature made from snow, pitch black eyes and rotten fruit or vegetable was hanging from its nose. As it reached out towards them with shattered ticks and bones for arms a rock smashed through its head, sending the body tumbling to the ground. “Run!” a voice called from a building as the party ran towards the building.

Racing towards the building they dashed through the snow, through the door and slammed it closed behind them. “Don’t let those things touch you. They drain the warmth from you and you soon join them in their frozen march.” the old man said with a shaky voice. “They wont come towards the houses but don’t want anyone on the streets after dark”.

The party made to check the door when they heard the thudding of something heavy on the snow outside. “Shh. That’s the other thing. There is something else. It begs to be let into your house. It appears as a jolly, kindly man and those who let it within their homes are found dead.”

The party huddled around the fire as the creatures outside continued their frozen march.

Thanks for joining me tonight for the first night of Dice-ember! Tomorrow we look at the visitors we have seen in Snowtown town and what they could potentially mean for our party. So don’t forget to come back for this and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe