The view from above Snowtown

The thirteenth day of Dice-ember brings more images to invoke the wonders of winter in the wilderness. The view from above Snowtown is stunning. Endless fields of white, smoke from chimneys above and the scattering of townsfolk moving about their lives. For the Party however it brings more questions than answers and the day ahead of them is one full of adventure.

The view from above Snowtown


The view from above Snowtown: Created in

The town of Snowtown situated amongst snow covered rocky outcrops gives it the appearance of a much larger village. However there isn’t many dwellings in the town and the blankets of snow flank most of the useable land nearby. The mountains around the town are host to bountiful trees and wildlife if there are people experienced enough to know where to look.

Trek of the goliaths : Created in

Through the rocky valleys and trees the Goliath come from a nearby village to Snowtown. Sturdy and tribal these are hardy people of the land who seek balance and peace with their neighbours.

The People

Goliath Elder: created in Artbreeder

Goliath Warrior: Created in Artbreeder

A shorter one this week as images normally take some time to wrok out. A mix of Artbreeder and tonight as I try to find the mix between what can be created and used from AI (nightcafe) and what I need to tweak myself to get the things just right (artbreeder). Utilising both to get what I want and how I envision it may be the right way forward as the landscapes from Nightcafe are just great. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night for more twists as the party look into the Quarry and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe