Snow covered stones

The fourteenth day of Dice-ember brings our party to overlook the scene of the snow covered stones of the quarry. The noon sun makes exploring around the stark white snow and the contrasting dark stone to be a dangerous one. The party will have to think quickly if they want to avoid becoming the latest casualties of the large shapes that move around the snow covered stones.

Snow covered stones


A few hours walk from Snowtown, high in the Gritch mountains the quarry stood nearly motionless and abandoned. Talking to the Goliath chief of the tribe that called Snowtown neighbours some calamity had occurred where miners were lost and unable to be dug out many years ago. Since then the quarry lay destitute, abandoned and quiet as it fell into disrepair.

However, the quarry was a different view now as somewhere higher in the mountains snow had begun to melt and a stream had formed a waterfall into the quarry. The thin frozen surface of the stream concealed the moving water underneath. As the cold water crashed on the rocks below into the quarry small icicle particles rained down on the party. The edges of the quarry seemed to be relatively solid and dry as the water disappeared into a mineshaft that was near the centre of the field. Moving around the quarry the party were blissfully unaware of the sentient structures that watched from under the mounds of snow. Large hulking limbs slowly came to life as the adventures moved close to them.

Slowly hulking masses of stone studded snow lumbered forward towards the party as they noticed a large cavern behind the frigid stream. Only when falling snow thudded on the ground behind them did they realise too late that they were in grave danger and the constructs of the quarry were upon them.

A smaller on tonight as I want to save some reveals for the rest of the week. There is one more week after this one left of Dice-ember content so don’t forget to come back each day this week ad we near the finish line. On another note I will be going back to a more one shot structure next year. Having a year long adventure is fun but I want to get back into smaller bite sized content chunks. So don’t forget to look out for that, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe