Snowtown Quarry

The fifteenth day of Dice-ember I bring to you the Snowtown Quarry map. This is where we look to encounter some particularly nasty constructs and investigate further into where the constructs may be coming from. This map has a lot of layering work and the river was a bit of a harder one to do so it took quite a bit of time tonight. So I hope you enjoy and can find use of this snowy quarry map in your own games or this adventure!

Snowtown Quarry


The rocky walls are extremely steep and over twenty feet tall. The ledge above the quarry itself is covered in trees that appear to be trying to take back the scarred land. In the middle of the quarry a large sinkhole or perhaps open mine has been left to be filled with the river that has cut its way through the land and into the quarry itself.

Bits of debris and the remnants of a ruined mine track and cart can be found in the quarry but the dark cave entrance lays next to the waterfall where a constant flow of frigid water flows down. The water itself is covered by a thin layer of ice and is reasonable deep above the quarry but shallow on the open rocky field.

Created in Inkarnate

Tonight I had another play around with Inkarnate. It was good to get back into more focused map making and spending more time and effort in trying to blend the chaotic elements of natural landscape together. Maps like these are quite versatile and this one can be used not only for D&D but also Soulbound, Openlengends RPG as well as other game systems, fantasy or otherwise. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the statblock of the creatures eluded to over the past weekAnd, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe