NPC refinement

Hi all and welcome to another night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop! Tonight I wanted to touch on how we can refine our important NPCs just that little bit more so that when a player asks us them a question like “Whats your family like?” we are prepared with a well thought out answer – whether or not the NPC chooses to disclose this answer is another story.

So taking a leaf out of the Soulbound core book I wanted to delve a bit more into the idea of refining those key NPCs. I wouldn’t suggest spending hours on these questions for all NPCs but maybe limiting it to a quick minute for each significant (not Key) NPC so we can look at having something prepared for for when our players do ask these questions (or similar ones).

Now instead of “What is your name?” “What is your quest?” and “What is your favourite colour” these questions are designed to prod and poke a bit further and to encourage character development.

“5” Questions

What was your childhood like?

This question really drives a few deeper thoughts, did they have present parents? A guardian? A community? No one.? Was there siblings or people they got along with? What was their social economic status like? Wealthy, poor, somewhere in between? Happy, sad, filled with fear or love or both?

This question poses a few bigger thoughts and can probably be enough to flesh out enough of a basic character that the party doesn’t spend a lot of time with.

Who do you least want to run into and why?

Old romantic interest and how did it end (if it did)? What’s their name? How did you meet? What did they do to you? What did you do to them? Where would be the most common place to meet them and why?

Establishing a connection can help drive narrative and quests or at least adventures for the party. Having a person responsible for grief, anxiety or fear means that there is a response when that person is encountered by the party which drives the story and character development.

What motivates you to do what you do?

What do you desire? What do you fear? What are you running from or towards? Why are you doing this?

This one is maybe a bit of a bigger more ambiguous question but it can help with an important question – what motivates the character to do what they are doing – plain and simple.

What do you think is overrated in this world?

A virtue? A freedom? Money? Food? What is it that they think the world could do without?

This one isn’t too difficult and I would maybe save this one for those really deep and importance characters that you just want to really develop and refine. This could help identify character flaws, their alignment (Evil-good), refine their motivations and potentially get a bigger glimpse at their personalities than what the other questions could reveal.

What can’t you live without?

A pet, item, trinket or other possession? A substance (addiction)? A person? A faith or belief? A talent or skill?

Short of the obvious (food, water, air, sunlight) this can introduce interesting little character flaws, dependencies or traits that make the character who they are. If they have an alcohol problem but believe in the guidance and forgiveness of Torm then this is also something that can be explored and used by a good DM to drive plots, stories and the Player character development by interacting with this individual.

The above questions, although maybe not as comprehensive as some that are out there like this one (The Ultimate Character Questionnaire) could be used to flesh out an important NPC or Character in general to help shape and drive their involvement in the stories you write or facilitate (as the players are the real story tellers in our games).

Thanks for joining tonight for a little refinement workshop on NPCs, I will practice the above and hopefully this week come back with a more full and refined character for our D&D campaign.

Don’t forget to come back again tomorrow to look at the midweek madness that is twists, turns and pivot night where we look at what else can shape the adventure we are working on and what can enhance the adventure we create.

And as I wish and remind you each and every night, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Captain of the Red fleet.

Tuesday has come yoo quickly and like a few Australians the return to work has not been an easy transition from holiday mode to work mode. But I can say that the return to a normal rhythm is definitely appreciated and has helped refocus my attention on what I need it to focus on. Building and exploring my craft.

Now today being Tuesday we are here to look at NPCs so lets kick off with two that I hope you will find interesting enough to weave into your own adventure’s.

Kyoko Harimasu & Hurane

201TuKyHa & 201TuHu

Kyoko sighed as she looked across the table as the two men from the Daye city watch left her cabin through the ornamently carved door. She had anticipated some resistance at first but being openly welcomed then having the proverbial doors slammed in her face was not expected.

“what do we do captain?” Hurane asked, his masked face distorting his normally smooth voice. “We came here to trade and establish new trade routes for the betterment of our people. If we can’t do that then we must find somewhere else.” He said with genuine concern.

Pressing her index fingers to her temples she pondered her next action. The city guard had come just after noon and placed restrictions and curfews on her people leaving the ships within an hour of dusk and dawn which is when many people are out and about on the streets wanting to experience new sights and delights. The curfew would not just make it hard to do business it would nearly make them staying herr impossible. Looking over the papers that were left here, reports of sightings of figures in the night and items being moved or disappeared it sounded like the guards were accusing one of her people of being the culprit.

“find out what you can from our troupe. If we are responsible we will deal with it and clear our name. If we can’t handle this we will be left with no choice but to leave and I dont think we can afford another endeavour like this again” Kyoko said looking through the papers again. Hurane saluted to her and went to leave the cabin to begin his questioning. “And Hurane, if no one talks, let’s get the Lotus involved, we can’t fail here.”

As Hurane left Kyoko sat back on her chair and had a look over the occurances. It wasn’t just reports of a thief, it looked to be searching for something specific based on the reports. Maybe it wasn’t a person but a thing. She looked at the book her father had left her that contained stories of warriors from this continent that visited her home land years ago. Warriors that defied the Oni and fought against the spirits in the swamp to free entire villages. Perhaps she could find such warriors in their home land, maybe a party of adventurers is what she needs.

Ok so starting off a bit slow this week but so far I’m liking the direction that we are going with so far.

Come back tomorrow to look at secondary hooks and twists as well as to get more insight in whats happening at Daye. Don’t forget to let me know if you like what you read and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

Dice-ember day 27

Welcome to dice-ember day 27! Admittedly the end of year catch-ups with family and friend’s is reducing the days that are available.

So today will reflect this end of year dynamic that occurs for most if not all of us.



During the adventure putting the sense of a time pressure or constraints can add to the adventure. It they have only a few hours to catch up to a certain NPC then every interruption, each encounter and each character who stops the party could cost them their mission. Only, it wont. The perceived delay, whether random combat encounter or request for aid, doesn’t actually have to impact the time frame applicable for their quest.

As long as it conveys the message that it could potentially delay them it will have the intended effect that we want for the party.

The alternative is making it so that each side track or distribution does impact the progression of the quest. If we, the DM, choose to run the game this way we need to make sure the distractions are manageable if not completely optional so that we don’t force the party into a lose-lose situation where two competing quests or jobs (or one main quest and a distraction).

A bit of a short one tonight but something that will come up on any adventure in the market place (or in Merchants Glen). Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Dice-ember content and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

Dice-ember day 26

Well day 26 of Dice-ember is here and the day after Christmas brings quiet, vegetation and a pause which is the point of the day I suppose.

Along with the realisation that due to a issue posting or a lapse in concentration my streak is broken that means 2022s challenge will be to beat my previous postings in a row, so heres for 118+!

Today let’s look at something less explored in most D&D, well, tabletop role playing games, mounts. So lets step back and look forward.



As Red looked up from filling his waterskin at where he had stopped over to feed and water his beasts he gazed upon his magnificent eight draught horses and he couldn’t help but admire how perfectly designed and built they were.

Each beast was around 1700lb of pure muscle, determination and grit. As he went to pat one he particularly admired it attempted to bite him then stamp on his foot, succeeding on the latter. As Red cursed and hopped around a comforting muzzle pressed on his back, Rue. Now Red wasn’t a bitter or resentful man but his horse, Rue, was particularly proficient enough for the both of them and hence the nickname Rue. It was given the name. Due to how he felt when he first encountered the beast and purchased him as a young colt. He rued the day he bought him and there and then on the spot the name stuck. However since then Red had not come across a horse more brave or loyal that Rue and they had been inseparable since.

Red climbed aboard his horse and as he linked him to the other eight horses who were already tethered to his wagon, the Merribringer, they nuzzled Rue affectionately. The horses respected and feared Rue more than he as there was no beast more demanding or respected as he.

After a while of travelling down the road Rue stopped as they came across a clearing in the wooded road they had been traveling down. Either side of the road lay ripped and torn fabric and splashes of dark dried blood. Something had killed some traveller’s brutally here and recently enough.

Nudging Rue onwards the pack of beasts and their driver moved hastily but silent through the clearing, the goods he contained in his wagon were for a small town who had come into some bad luck where their recent seed storage for crop planting had been devoured by vermin. As he moved through Rue whinnied a high pitch noise as a warning as they moved through to the other side of the clearing. They likely wouldn’t be safe until they reach the village.

Luckily they made it through the forest and the village was visible now. As they moved down the road into the village people came out to greet him, Red was well known as a bringer of joy and hope and when his wagon and it’s train of horses approached word spread fast of his arrival.

That night he and his horses rested as his wagon was finally finished being unpacked he couldn’t shake the foreboding feeling of danger he felt ever since finding the site where the travellers were butchered. As the villagers danced in celebration a strange quiet came about the grasslands. Rue whinnied out a warning as Red also felt the uneasiness grow.

“everyone. Something comes this way. Help me with the horses on the wagon and everyone climb in.” He called. After a moments panic malicious howling could be heard from the road leading towards town. Red had heard this before. Worgs.

Getting the horses onto the wagon was easier this time as his urgency seemed to resonate with the animals desire to also leave this place. Soon the small village, around 25 people were on or in the wagon and just before Red could tether Rue to the convoy of animals an arrow burried itself into the ground at their feet. Rue caller out and bit one or the other horses causing it to dash forward with the village onboard, the eight horses making the wagon load of people almost skim across the ground with how much power the horses had. Moments after the wagon took off and Rue jumped out of the way a spear flew into the wooden post where the horses were just tethered and lodged itself into the wood.

“let’s buy them some time Rue” Red said as he moved the massive horse to the spear and yanked it out. Looking up he saw the glowing eyes ot worgs taking off after the wagon with goblins riding a them shooting arrows and throwing spears. Rue jumped forward and kicked a worg and it’s rider before it could attack Red or himself. As Red whirled around he plunged the scavenged spear into the worgs side as Rue kicked out and shattered the beasts jaw. Worg and goblin alike ran off before stumbling to not rise a few dozen feet away.

Rue and Red took off after the wagon wagon and worgs but as he drew closer he could tell things were not going well.  The wagon had come to a stop and the smell of blood was ripe. Rue whinnied a sound of remorse and sadness before taking off.

“Rue, we need to check for survivors” Red called as Rue continued to try to pull away but Red was more stubborn in this case. Whirling the horse around he trotted towards the wagon the sticky tangy smell of blood was overpowering when they got closer to the wagon. As they came alongside the wagon the lack of movement and eight dead horses and piles of mauled humans.

“We shouldn’t have come here” Red muttered as he released the reign and Rue took off away from here quickly the twang of bows and thud of arrows and spears hitting wagons.

After a few minutes of galloping Rue slowed down to a trot and his breathing was laboured. It wasn’t for a few minutes until Red noticed the arrows embedded in Rue’s chest. Bringing him to a stop he checked the wound, the sinking feeling in his chest told him enough. The arrow had pierced Rues lungs and he wouldn’t survive.

Mounts are a fundamental part of D&D but due to the nature of many adventures they’re not utilised as much due to mounts not being good idea indoors or in dungeons/caves or castles which is where many adventures are to be had.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

Dice-ember day 25

Well it’s Christmas day so, much like many others, I have been busy building, cooking, cleaning and sticking tiny little stickers onto little toy for my kids presents all day.

So to keep to that theme I wanted to touch on the content I am bringing at the end of the month and add in a little something day 25 of Dice-ember. We only have 6 days to go for end of the month so I better not take too long basking in merriment and enjoying the burning sun here in Australia.

Under the tree


Red stirred, he was barely aware of his surroundings or how he received this thumping headache. A quick glance around revealed nothing and memory was foggy from the past – well however long it has been until now. Closing his eyes and putting his head between his knees he tried to remember what happened, the last things he remembered was the apples spill before the bridge then the short tunnel under the bridge seeming to go on for ages. He tried to reverse the wagon to no success enchanted as it was with its nine wheels or otherwise. Eight supporting the weight of the wagon and another where the two reigns attached to and acted as a way to street the wagon as it traveled along the roads meant that it couldn’t turn in tight circles and moving it backwards wasn’t an easy ordeal.

Sighing he went to stand but found himself with straight legs but unable to stand. Moving around he became acutely aware of him drifting in nothingness. Drawing his wand Merry, a length of rich cherry wood, he one of the stored spells and created a ball of light that shon like the sun. Immediately he could tell that he was stored in some immense extra-dimensional space and it appeared to go on forever. Well, he was stuck here for now and what made matters more confusing was the magical items that he was transporting to the Supreme high magus were floating around him. He could almost rule out the old wizard as he had bo interest in the magical items and instead only in the obtaining and learning of knowledge.

As he pondered where he was a blinding light appeared from somewhere in front of him and a colossal hand reached in and neatly plucked a floating item out of the space before disappearing. He felt around for his other items he kept on himself to aid in his travelling and came across an unfamiliar bag on his hip. Opening it slowly, curiousity getting the best of him he found two waterskins one filled with water the other with what smelt like wine. There was also several hard little loafs of bread that were about palm sized. As he wondered what the purpose was another memory pierced his mind sharply and painfully.

As he moved through the tunnel and breached the other side a wall of canvas enveloped him and the wagon, throwing him and it into darkness. Spinning for what felt like ages he blacked out when his mind couldn’t take the spinning any more.

He knew this item, though he was only aware of a few that remained, and he owned one in hid wagon. The loaded knapsack, an item that can. Hold untold amounts of goods but only a limited amount of time. Depending on the amount of items it will then rupture all of them forward in a number of weeks, days or even hours depending on how loaded it is. Looking at the food and drink he had in the provided bag he believed he had about two days of supplies in there. Who ever was responsible knew their stuff but they best be prepared when he gets out, everyone knows Red doesn’t go down easily in a fight.

Well thats it for tonight, day 25, content and here from Brazen Wolfe Tabletop I wish you a awesome holiday season and end of the year.

Oh, yes, at the end of the month I plan to release my very first adventure booklet, its almost ready and I had planned to release it this weekend and some additional complimentary items and content for the rest of the month but that may be reversed due to timings.

Don’t forget to come back for this coming week and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

Dice-ember day 24

Welcome to Dice-ember day 24. Today we look at filling in some back story for one of the last NPCs investigated but the past remaining cloudy.

So let’s kick it off and jump right into learning about Grant Weathermane, captain of the Market Watch.

Grant Weathermane


As Grant sat down and delved into his roasted meat sandwich he dreaded when his break would end. He had already pushed out the last few minutes of his lunch before going out and was dreading going back to patrolling the south district and nearby shops in the market districts.

“Grant, we have a young halfling out here who claims we have a situation in the southern district. She’s been waiting a while for you, you’re up” his captain said sternly from the door.

“No worries captain Harrix, I’ll get onto it once I finish up here” Grant replied as he leisurely took a bite out of his roll. His captain sighed and could be hear calling out for Dane down the hall. “Good“, thought Grant, “Dane will be able to deal with it and I’ll get to finish my lunch

Grant was so engrossed in avoiding work that he didn’t hear the first call for the rest of the guard to report to and deal with the fighting in the north of the markets. Once he had avoided work for as long as he could be left the mess room and head out to a bustling hallway.

“Whats going on?” He called but several people ignored him and pushed past.

“Get out the way you waste of space. Real Market Watch coming through” one guard said as he pushed through and past Grant, gritting his teeth fought back a response. It wasn’t the first time someone had said something about his attitude or dedication to the Guard and it in wouldn’t be the last so he let it slide. Walking to the entrance room to the building he approached the front desk, a woman named Karen manned it today. They got on well.

“Good to see you avoided the commotion Grant. A lot of the Market watch have head off to try and stop the street fights to the north of the Market district. Reports coming back from runners or those returning is that it’s a fruitless endeavour we are almost getting as many injured men as the gangs are.” She said as she cut off an offending section of a finger nail with a small knife. “Let them sort it out I say, more dead thugs means less paperwork we have to do when we can’t question them.

Nodding Grant agreed. Glad he dodged that bullet, “there was a halfling who said there was trouble down in the southern district, what happened to her?” He asked going to avoid more work with a leisurely stroll into the area of the city where the rich employ their own guard.

“Dunno. She took off after Dane questioned her. One less thing to deal with now. I can’t have anything holding me back after work today. I’ve got a date” Karen said with a toothy grin.

“tell me about it tomorrow. Will be more interesting than work I can already tell that.” He laughed as he started to walk back to the mess room before stopping. “You said the halfling spoke to Dane yeah? Where is my little brother?” He smirked, he would do anything for his little brother but his dedication to work was exhausting to be around.

“I think he went off with the captain to the fighting..” Karen said before stopping mid sentence as a man was carried in with an arm missing. “Nasty business this, I hope this won’t hold me back” she said.

The warmth drained from Grant. Hoe could the street gang fighting be this bad. They are normally just a handful of kids who pick pockets or occasionally break into shops. Fighting and serious injury is rarely seen if ever. A stone fell into his gut. Dane. His little Brother was probably on the front lines looking at trying to break it up.

With that Grant was off, grabbing a short sword from the weapon rack to add to the dagger at his hip he made haste for the north. The normally charming remarks from Karen grating on him as he ran out “let the market guys deal with it Grant, its not your job!’

As he dashed through the streets more and more injured people and smashed stalls were revealed. As he followed the train of guard returning from the front lines he constantly scanned for his brother, nothing, a good sign surely as he isnt injured. Relief started to relax his mild panic but the seriousness of the wounds on people was distressing.

Then he started to find the dead. Bodies cut nearly in half with such savagery and brutality he had not seen before. The sandy ground was red and tacky from the blood and everywhere he looked a new body or dying person lay. As he got to the fighting itself he saw the captain fighting several thugs at once, his longsword flashing in the light as it parried and wounded, not killed, thugs. As they fell injured and incapacitated guards ran up and bound them.

“Captain!,” He called as he ran to join him, drawing his blades.

“Grant, good, reinforcements are coming. They are organised Grant. Some guy called Carter is behind it or so we have worked out. His men number in the hundreds and he is fighting all gang members who have territory in this area. We are sustaining casualties, mainly injuries though,” he continued, Grants relief was visible to all near by, even when parrying an attack and knocking out a man with his elbow.

“And Dane sir?” He asked, hope in his voice as he stepped forward and knocked out the last man attacking them. A meaty hand clasper his shoulder.

“I’m sorry Grant. Dane didnt make it. He lies over by the warehouse, we had to retreat when we were ambushed, he held them off whilst we escaped with some civilians…” Grant looked towards where his captain was pointing, rage, white hot and burning surged through his body as the words from his commander vanished as he stepped forward, one foot at a time, towards the heat of the battle where his brother lay against a broken door.

Reports from that day speak of a great push to regain the market, of courage and planning that went of perfectly. What they leave out is how one man fought more savagely than all the gangs combined, never killing just leaving the gang members unable to fight as he moved across the streets like a fissure of wrath and rage, only stopping to pick up the body of a young Sergeant, his brother, and return him to his people.

Not quite a happy post for a Christmas eve post but it ties together a few things for tomorrow. Well I hope you liked it anyway, writing these things on a phone always sees an update or two the days after when I realised I chunky fingered a few letter’s together to make a not-word.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more dungeon and dragons content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe

Dice-ember day 23

Welcome to Dice-ember day 23 where we are closing up the books on this one. Today we are looking at Discordia, Dis to her crew and Dee to Carter, once her closest friend and now someone who she hopes to thwart at every chance that presents itself.

But lets not spoil to much of the future but scry backwards to see that moment where her friendship took a turn for the worse.

Broken Bonds


Dee stepped merrily into the house that she had been living in with her friend Carter for the past few months having finally made enough money to upgrade from staying in a local inn. It had been a number of years since they had left Carters family residence and everything she had known to start things brand new, from scratch with a skillset not accustomed to life on the streets. She had to learn quickly and had even discovered a bit of magic coursing through her veins. Using her magic, her charm and her natural talents as a halfling she made a name for herself as part of Carters crew in retrieving or locating objects and people for the right price but always at the behest of Carter.

As she past the kitchen old habits kicked in and she found herself tiding up bottles, plates and utensils that had been left across the table from when the other members of the crew had come to discuss the next job they had. She had been out helping a groom found his lost ring from when he had been guarding a caravan in a nearby marsh. The pay had been good but the marsh was not a safe place for the ill prepared, lucky for her no one expected her natural talent for this type of work, herself included.

“Carter?” she called as she walked up stairs to where the bedrooms and where they kept their plans in private she found Carter snoring in his room with his Fiancé, Gwen. Closing the door to give them more privacy she walked forward towards her room but stopped when she passed the room where they conducted most of their planning due to the thickness of its windowless walls and loose boards on the walls and floor to hide things in quickly should the need arise. the door was open which was something that they had agreed to not do, secrecy in their clients private matters was the highest priority for her. Entering to make sure that the room hadn’t been broken into she found a series of papers and plans on the table, it looked like the Crew had been planning late into the night. Tiding up the papers she noticed that several of the papers referred to streets and buildings between the market and the docks. Looking further into it she noticed several names she didn’t recognise as well as detailed movement of people or groups. Her guess was that, like the rest of their work, these people were thieves or people of interest that they were needing to apprehend and hand into the Market Watch to be returned to their rightful owner. But there was a nagging, a tug at the corner of her mind that told her that there was a large number of weapons listed amongst the documents for planning and the more she looked the more the numbers of names listed, the areas that they were listed and a few key names of people who own stalls in the market. This looked like something that wasn’t normal for their little crew and it gave her a bad feeling. Backing away from the table with the ill-boding plans she left room, checking that no one was in the hall way before she stepped through and closed the door.

“Morning Dee, didn’t here you come in. What are you doing?” Carter asked with a yawn as he leant against the door frame to his room.

“Just came in Carter, just closing this door as it was left open. Don’t want to risk someone walking in.” Dee said with a smile, and imitating his yawn to hide her true feelings on her face. Carter just smiled before walking downstairs towards the kitchen “I cleaned up, there should be some salted meat and bread on the table!” she called out.

Carter smiled “What would we do without you Dee?” he said before walking down to investigate what was for breakfast. Dee practically ran to her room and started to pack her back with her valuables. Something was wrong and that little voice that kept her safe in the past was telling her that she had to get out and so she packed and made plans.

“So Dee, we’ve got a job. Our largest yet and I need you to do something for us that only you can do. Without you the job will fail and our client will not be reunited with their father.”

Dee bit her lip before turning around with smile painted on her face “No worries Carter, what do you need me to do?”

“I need you to have a little chat to the Market Watch.” Carter grinned as he took a bit out of the fresh bread that she had brought back the crew.

A few hours later, all belongings stuffed inside a backpack Dee was standing in front of the Market Watch guard post, a large building in the middle of the the mark district. “Just this last job and walk away, we owe him that much” she thought to herself as she pushed through the doors, with a little more effort due to her size. Walking up to the front desk she stood on a stood that was to the side and cleared her throat. “I am here to report a theft, well its about to happen in a manor, the Youngbanks manor, Lord Ruther Youngbanks’s house” she said putting as much effort as she could into her face remaining concerned and, no effort required, worry and fear showing in her looks. She was quickly shown a seat and asked to wait for someone to come get her.

Minutes ticked by and she began to worry, Carter needed the Market Watch sent in the other side of the city so that he could complete the job – what ever it was – and she was out of time. Panic began to set in as she knew she was out of time and as she began to fidget and sweat more a hand gripped her should and she looked up into a guardsman’s face who was kneeling next to her.

“Are you ok miss?” A kind human man asked smiling as he took a seat next to her. “I am Sergeant Dane Weathermane, you are probably waiting for my big brother Grant to come and speak to you but he is a bit preoccupied at the moment, is this something I can help with? he said, his smile calming her nerves somewhat.

“I have to r-r-rreport that there is going to be a robbery at the Youngbanks residence in the southern district. I overheard a few men at the bar saying that they were going to storm the place looking for some treasure that the family had stashed away and so I came here straight away. You have to take as many men as you can and get there, it sounded like it was one of them street gangs” she blurted out, her nerves returning to give her lies a tingle of real urgency and nerves.

“Okay okay little miss, I believe your name is Dee is that correct?” Dane asked, Dee’s face dropped and went blank. Her real name being exposed was not part of the plan. “I have heard that we have worked with you before, you collect a lot of bounties and make quite a few people happy by reuniting them with their kids, parents or lost things.” Dane smiled, he was actually genuine.

The door burst open and two Market watch guardsmen ran through the door, weapons drawn and their armour already smeared with blood. “There is trouble in the south, by the docks. We are requesting all available able body men and women to come help break up multiple fights between street gangs. From the looks of it a someone has rallied multiple gangs together and they are all fighting for the one guy they call the Gent.

Dee’s heart sank, The Gent is what her crew was called due to the nature and how Carter worked and treated people – fairly, if not ruthlessly at points, much like a gentleman. Carter was behind this.

“I’m sorry Dee there are people that could need help. Someone will come help you with your report and we will see if we can be of assistance to the Youngbanks” Dane said as he stood and received a tunic and sword that he strapped on.

“Please don’t go. I.. I really.. ” Dee didn’t want this genuine kind man to get involved. She had a bad feeling about all of it. “really think that someone, you!, yes you should look into the Youngbanks”

Dane sighed but smiled “The Youngbanks residence has been vacant for years, ever since their son disappeared and the family was thrown into ruin. If wealth still lies within their walls I doubt that it has gone this long without being discovered. When I return I will investigate it personally” Dane said with a smile.

As he stood and walked out tears came to Dee’s eyes and she got up and walked out of the building. She was never going back to Carter, it all made sense now. His ambition had outgrown doing what was right and he was revealing his hand, he wanted the city like his parents ahd but he wanted to take it with violence instead of schemes alone.

As she left she shed her moss green cloak and let it sink into the mud. She would not be called Dee any more, she would change herself, become self reliant and it would start with a new name and a new place to stay. She, Discordia, would disappear. Dis. Dis had a nice ring to it.

Well that’s all we have for tonight, a bit of a glimpse into the past for Dis, then Dee, and Carter. Thanks for joining me again for another Dice-ember post and I hope you can join me in the following days for the last few days of Dice-ember. As always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Dice-ember day 22

Hello and welcome to day 22 of Dice-ember!

Today I had planned to wrap up the cast of NPCs that we have but instead I will keep it a bit shorter and give a sneak peak of what I am working at completing on the side the same time, hopefully targeting to get it completed before the end of this week.

Only nine more days of dice-ember and hopefully time permitting during this crazy time of the year it can conclude with a bang.

In the city of Merchants Glen anyone can find anything they have ever wanted, or lose everything they have. A city governed, run and built for the sole purpose of it’s massive central market which houses hundreds of stalls, shops or carts where all types of merchants are welcome to come and sell their wares. 

To the south of the great market that the city was quite literally built around lies a gathering of manor houses. The roads turn from dirt to cobblestone which frames the picturesque manors that line the roads in this section of the city where the merchant elite live. These houses and their families have typically lived in this part of the town all their life. Their grandparents were merchant elite and were the wealthiest of all the merchants in the city and as such these families act as a governing body of the city. 

To the north of the city lies the river Sea breach which the city has built a large dock district on the widest part of the river to fuel its mercantile and economic endeavours. This huge river is so aptly named for it connects the inland cities and towns with the sea where foreign trade, import and export, is the fuel that burns in the fires of progress for these merchant cities. 

To the east and west of the great market lie the common districts. This is, in effect, where all the non-merchant elite live. These people feed the market with all manner of foods and items and are the beating heart of the city, despite this most of them earn just enough to get by as there sheer volume of market stalls and shops that sell the same items has increased competition so high that the chance to make any real profit only lies in the larger shops which are owned and run by the merchant elite. 

This fierce competition and volume of traffic in the market has enticed opportunistic and vicious street gangs who wait and ambush the unaware or unprepared and leave many having lost everything in the pursuit for the one thing they wanted. 

That’s it for tonight, come back tomorrow where we will definitely look at adding to our growing amount of Dice-ember content and what I hope to be able to wrap-up by the end of the week.

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Dice-Ember day 20

The 20th day of Dice-ember has come and while the number 20 is significant for many of us TTRPG players it also means that we are very nearly at the end of the month and that means it’s crunch time for me.

So today we will be looking at another hook or twist for the theme of dice-ember that we have going and following on with the ongoing mini-series we have. So sit back, or if like me you do your best creative thinking whilst standing, and enjoy.



As he strode through the halls of his manor house he could not help but admire what he was able to achieve through his planning and grit. Not born of the streets but from one of the merchant elite families he was destined for this role – however he decided that he did not like decided that he wouldn’t be a puppet for his parents game and he left. The memories of that day still haunted him, not in a bad way of course but it was one of the last times he felt like he had a true friend.

“Lord Carter, sir” a voice, one of the leaders of the gangs he managed rang from the door.

“Come in, tell me your news” he replied politely indicating to a chair in his waiting room.

The man tiptoed in, there was a reason Carter was the only merchant elite amongst those who ruled the streets and it fitted his nickname, The Gent. Sitting down he took of his hat and waited as Carter sat down opposite him.

“A report sir, Reds Wagon was found on bridge street, Red was no where to be found and his wagon was unguarded.” The man began, pausing to lick his lips and gulp nervously.

“Excellent news, what magic items, goods and other loot was returned. I cant emphasise enough how this will change the battles on the streets. With magical items and equipment we will rule without the need of bloodshed and even have a united front when we take the southern district and role Merchants Glen.” He said excitedly clasping the mans hand. His smile faded when the gang leader shed a tear and trembled.

“Sir, we found the wagon empty. It looked like someone else hit it before us. They must have been good as we lost a few of our guys to the traps and guardians of the wagon. Got to give it to Red, he knows his craft I don’t think we would have had got… there…” the man paused as he felt Carter drop his hand.

“Someone else got there before me. I don’t see how that’s possible as there isn’t a single crew out there that is bigger or more well kitted than us, it took us months to plan this heist. There is no one else out there who could have done this.. ” Carter sighed and stood up, walking to a window that overlooks the street and the dock, his dock. “Well, get your boys out there and bring in anyone who is suspicious. I will find my wagon”

“Yes sir, I will get my gang out there.” The man said standing and bowing his head.

“No, not just your gang. All of them.” said Carter, turning around and smiling “Don’t fail me on this”

The man practically tripped over himself as he ran out the door, he would not fail Carter in this.

Well that’s all we have for tonight, another puzzle piece falling into place for Dice-ember.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more Dice-ember content and the final few days until the close of Dice-ember. Don’t forget to put some time aside for your hobby or tabletop game and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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