Arbiter Zeds Final Call

Welcome to an exciting start to another week of adventure, and in particular I invite you to bear witness to Arbiter Zeds Final Call. This week takes inspiration from a book I read when I was very young that drove the inspiration of many adventures after. This was further expanded once I started to use music as thought and adventure invoking material and a little some called “The Black Parade” was released.

Well to find out more you’ll just have to read tonight’s update. So let’s sit down, grab a coffee and roll onto tonight’s adventure.

Arbiter Zeds Final Call


Arbiter Zed’s Herald – Created in

The afternoon had been productive and despite the unseasonable rain shower they had managed to bring in the crops before they were ruined. Drying off as best as he could he cleared the table and moved to make a start on dinner. A hearty soup with some dried boar and vegetables from the farm. What was missing was some grains from one of the neighbours.

The town of Heartsfern was relatively secluded at the edge of a forest. A tribe of elves guarded the forest and were fiercely protective of its plants and animals. This made gathering wood for the farm or new buildings difficult but also meant that they were guarded from bandits or worse from the forest. A neutral relationship that seemed to suit them both had formed and the elves even came to barter on occasion.

Making the decision Trent stood, stretched and scooped up a few silver pieces to take to get the last ingredients for the soup. Leaving the warmth of his single roomed house he walked down the short road that connected all the buildings in Heartsfern. The buildings were predominantly wooden with the inn and general store having stone walls, but everywhere there were smoking chimneys. As the evening chill began to set in he hurried to reach the general store and walked in.

The herald approaches

“Ah Trent. I was about to shut shop. I’ve been meaning to thank you for the boar meat you gave me the other week. It was a lovely addition to the family’s meal.” Shelly said as she beamed at him.

“Think nothing of it Shell. You’ve looked after me many times before so I wanted to repay your kindness.” he said with a warm smile. “I hope I am not intruding too late, I am making a soup and realised that I was wanting barley in it. Do you have any from Baz?” he asked as he approached the counter.

“I have a small bag left for a few copper,” she replied thinking. “If it’s just for one meal though I can give you enough for the meal for one Copper piece?” she offered.

“That would be perfect.” Trent agreed as she fished out a copper from amongst his coin. But as the exchange was made a haunting voice rattled through the street.

“Come one, come all to the tale of Arbiter Zed.” The voice began to thrum as Trent and Shelly left the store and looked at a figure walking down the road. It stumbled but hummed as if trying to remember the tune. After a moment though the humming turned into the man singing a tune.

“Although his boots are worn, and his arms are gone some may call him Dead. Yet he sends me here, to sing and cheer while you make your… bread!” the figure said after a moment’s pause. “So listen well and listen true as he arrives when the moon turns blue. He brings his band, he brings his crew to make his performance true.” The man was now stumbling into the middle of a ring of townsfolk, some having grabbed farming implements or some old weapons.

The Promise

The singing man bowed down low, his ragged clothes stretched over a heaving chest as it stopped walking. The humming began once again before turning into another cackling sing-song. “For if you like his play, you can stay to live your peaceful life. But if like his wife, you hate this band…” the man heaved deeper before standing up taller. His rotten skeleton form revealed itself as the sun set behind it and the moonlight revealed his features. “Then you can join his carnival of the damned!” The man roared with laughter, shocking those around him when the body started to break, shatter and fall to the ground in great sloughs. Even when the herald of Arbiter Zed lay a broken heep of bone, worn fabric and dried flesh the townsfolk still swore they heard the laughter.

A heartbeat or two passed before the town was in an uproar of chaos. A bag of barley lay in the ground, tonight’s dinner now ruined by the grim portents of next week’s blue moon.


I absolutely love, love! the idea of a black parade. The idea of a carnival of the damned travelling across the mortal plane spreading chaos and fear just gets the creative spark roaring to life. This week is about preparation, a carefully executed plan and testing the parties understanding of both magic, them selves and the paranormal. Arbiter Zeds Final call hints at the outcome of his performances. If people truly like his gruesome act them they live, else he takes them to fill out the ranks of his band as it is his final call after all.

Another week begins and this week is another exciting one. Magic, undeath and the potential for truly terrible puns and rhymes. No doubt a fun one is brewing this week that puts the emphasis on the parties ability to prepare. In fact without the party I am fairly certain that the town of Heartsfern will disappear. So don’t forget to come back this week for more content as we expand this weeks adventure. And don’t forget to set some time aside for your own tabletop this week, its important to continue to push through your hobby. And finally, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Cat, the Dog and the Serpent

Tonight and I have created another zine for this weeks adventure, The Cat, the Dog and the Serpent. This adventure can be used system agnostic as we explore other RPGs out there other than D&D. So please adjust to what ever creatures you are using in your adventure! However as always Kobold fight club can be used to quickly balance an encounter for Dungeons and Dragons and Tetra-cube currently provides the stat-blocks for creatures in this adventure.

So I hope you enjoy this weeks adventure, The Cat, the Dog and the Serpent. If you like this format please let me know and I hope you enjoy.

The Cat, the Dog and the Serpent


The entrance to Drileah – Created in

The party has travelled to the city of Drileah, a place rumoured to be the place if you want something or anything. The tall fortified walls protect the city that appears to have been built on the top of a giant hilly rise that means the buildings and fort at the centre of the town look above the wall and beyond.

The volume of travellers leaving Drileah is staggering, all of them escorted by guards or mercenaries. But all look to have found what they wanted whether it was goods, services or just a good time. The party reaches the end of a queue to get into the city where guards question those who enter. “A common precaution” they hear some visitors muttering nearby as they wait for their turn. However, as the party finally make their way to the front of the queue a signal goes out from the guard and they are surrounded. 

“You’ll forgive me for doing this but we need to bring you, and your party in for questioning” they advise the person who was at the front. “Just come along quietly and I can assure you that everything will be fine, but we have orders.” 

Unruly Streets

Mercenaries Stalking – created in

As the party travels the streets taking in the sights of the stalls, people and wares, the  guard captains, Cerberus Cole’s, warning echoes in their mind. The shop owners don’t pay them any mind and treat them like old friends but after some time they notice they are being followed by a few rough looking, but experienced mercenaries with no sign of them giving up pursuit. 

A moment later another few men step in front of them and detain them.

“Hold!” called a woman as she steps cautiously around the men behind the party. “You lot. You are free to go if you tell me where the Emerald broach you stole is. I saw you leaving the guards office and I dare say that you bewitched that idiot with some sorcery. Hand it over and it doesn’t have to get messy here.”

Word has spread of the latest theft as well as the unruly mercenaries that were locked up after assaulting innocents. However this doesn’t make the looks, utterances and glances towards the party any easier. 

There are also rumours of some city gang members causing issues at night away from the watchful eyes of the guard. 

The party needs to come up with a plan and fast.

PDF adventure – The Cat, the Dog and the Serpent

I think that will have to be it for tonight. But I hope that the next time you can get a party together to run this adventure that you enjoy it. However if you do use it I hope you can let me know how it goes!

I hope you don’t miss a thing so come back daily in the coming week. This is so you can experience the creation of the next adventure as it evolves and shapes out. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Curse of the Flying Owlbear

Tonight and I have created a, bit of an overdue one to say the least, but another zine is out of for an older adventure, The Curse of the Flying Owlbear. This adventure can be used system agnostic as we explore other RPGs out there other than D&D. So please adjust to what ever creatures you are using in your adventure! However as always Kobold fight club can be used to quickly balance an encounter for Dungeons and Dragons and Tetra-cube currently provides the stat-blocks for creatures in this adventure.

So I hope you enjoy this weeks adventure, The Curse of the Flying Owlbear. If you like this format please let me know and I hope you enjoy.

The Curse of the Flying Owlbear


The Flying Owlbear – Created in


Rumour’s have flown around for many years about the pirate ship known as the Flying Owlbear. For many years the ship and its crew raided the southern coasts, no merchant vessel was safe from the pirate crew. However the stories didn’t finish there. Stories started to pop up of their owlbear crested ship crashing across the land, its broadside cannons roaring as they fired across the hills, valleys and plains.

But then they stopped and a new story started to emerge. One of ghosts and a lost treasure that would make anyone as wealthy as a king. However the rumour also speaks of an inescapable curse for any who lay hands upon the treasure. A curse that binds them to the Ship, to the captain’s call where he lays eyes upon those found with his treasure.

The village of Tarmak

The Village of Tarmak – Created in

While not a bustling, joyous place it is filled with merriment and laughter regardless of the hardworking people of Tarmak. The food is hearty and the drinks are locally brewed, and thus quite potent. There is always someone there with a tale of something odd, something remarkable but most of them are bluffs from tired, old men. Most of them are. In fact there are a few stories that many can attest to being real, strange shapes, foul omens, foreign and odd marks in the land. The village of Tarmak is beset by the odd and weird and it’s been that way for dozens of years

The Iron Crustacean

The Iron Crustacean – Created in

A few people start to laugh loudly as one man swears the truth to his tale. “I swear it’s the truth! He calls. We all know that the Owlbears crew were rumoured to be bloodthirsty, cutthroats who loved nothing more than pillaging and killing. But despite all this there are few who were there because they felt obliged and none more so than the father of the Captain of the ship.

He was disheartened by his son’s actions after a rather bloodthirsty skirmish with a merchant vessel that broke family bonds. Shocked by his son’s behaviour he faked his death by falling overboard and secretly made his way to shore. There he blended in with society and became a farmer. Some say he even lives in Tarmak!” he called again, this time the entire tavern roared with laughter, all but one.

The man then continued “When the news of the ship and its crew’s demise came to the father he was both relieved and distraught. Despite the repulsion he felt for the unwarranted violence he still adored his boy and the thought of him never reconciling and making peace with the pirate lord shocked him. This eventually shattered his sanity and he began to see ghostly visitations of his son, hearing the ghostly cannon fire of the Flying Owlbear and even seeing his son walking through the streets, searching for something.” The man finished his tale and the room was silent.

“You hear that old Bryce! Tom is almost as mad as you are!” one of the men bellowed before another chorus of laughter rang out. 

“What he says is true! The Flying Owlbear still haunts the sea and the land!” Bryce called out to another cacophony of laughter”

PDF adventure – The Curse of the Flying Owlbear

I think that will have to be it for tonight. But I hope that the next time you can get a party together to run this adventure that you enjoy it. However if you do use it I hope you can let me know how it goes!

I hope you don’t miss a thing so come back daily in the coming week. This is so you can experience the creation of the next adventure as it evolves and shapes out. And as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Sorcery and Scum

Welcome to Friday night where tonight we look at some sorcery and scum. Sarline and Seth have been dancing this deadly game of theirs for a while now, and as the party get involved the table will turn for one of them. Tonight we look at what that looks like but flexibility is key for the DM running this adventure. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure.

Sorcery and Scum



First off tonight we are looking at the main spectacle – The identification of the Feline Filcher through either attending a party as guards, if they set a trap for her or something else that we believe will work. The rule here is what ever the party want to do it needs to be within jogging distance of a street, be open (not an obvious trap) and be cool.

Sarline is a low level sorcerer with the ability to cast some minor illusions and a once-off ability to turn into a cat for an hour when things go really pear shaped. She will primarily move as fast as she can to get out of line of sight and then cast minor illusion to make a door way look like a solid wall, block off a narrow alleyway or the like. She doesn’t have offensive magic and at worst can cast Charm person once per day.

With the plan she can either get the item or not, but the moment she detects the party she will run off and attempt to hide. The party is meant to find her though, so it cant be too difficult. When the party find her she reveals the reason of her thievery is Seth and his kidnapping of children.

Sarline – Created in Tetra-cube.


Now the simple answer here is that the party don’t believe Sarline and take her into the guards. But, we can’t have that. As soon as Sarline is coerced into revealing Seth’s behind it he appears from behind the party (nearby) “Well, well, well. We can’t have these vicious rumours getting our now can we boys? Best ensure that these sticky-beaks are quietened” he says menacingly.

Seth will be joined by a number of thugs to make it a fun and challenging fight. If Seth by himself is enough for the party (level 1 party) then he has one accomplice

(Bandit) and the others engage Sarline.

Sarline attempts to flee and hide from the fight, if she does escape she runs to free the kids before returning.

Seth is a powerful adversary so the party best be prepared.

Seth – Created in Tetra-cube.

Thanks for joining me tonight as we get a closer look at Seth and Sarline. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for additional content as I have a few things planned. Don’t forget to let me know how you find running these adventures if you weave them into your tabletop routine and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Night life of Drileah

Welcome to Thursday Night where tonight we are looking at the Night life of Drileah! Instead of relying on a map for this weeks adventure I want to kick it back old school and explore the theatre of the mind. So instead of a map some descriptive passages about some of the places the party may find themselves. So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure.

Night life of Drileah


The city of Drileah is a bustling mixture of bright lights, vibrant colours and bubbling music. But there is a darker side as well as the gleam from all that wealth and exuberance creates darkness within the streets.

This is where we meet the party and also the antagonists of the party. Amongst the distortion of light and shadow, colour and drag and loud and silence.

The night life

The rich and opulent of the city of Drileah need to find ways to flaunt their wealth to any and all who will listen. Traders, cooks and those with a eye for business know how to make the most out of any situation and that they do. After the sun begins to set the shops undertake a transformation. Bakeries start to serve warm wine, cured meats and cheese along with their breads. General stores start to usher in maids and servants as they swarm to fuel the festivities that lay before them.

The less reputable trades come out to offer their illicit or tantalising wares and services where the wealthy and bored are quickly separated from their gold. Makeshift taverns appear in the streets and drinking, laughing and dancing becomes the norm as the dusk departs and candles, lanterns and occasionally magic appears in the streets.

Behind closed doors

As the maids and servants return to their employers residence the true parties begin. Nothing screams wealth as having your own party and those wealthy enough to afford servants and help display their wealth with endless food and drink. Night after night a new family opens their doors and the wealthy and reputable are welcomed in to join in the festivities in an endless parade of wealth and excess.

At such places, these estates and houses of luxury display their wealth for all to see, or occasionally they hide their most prized possessions in secret rooms.

The Darkened Alleyways

With all this light, noise and extravagance the presence of such exuberance will bring those from the dark to the surface. Criminals, cut throats and thugs patrol the shadowy alleyways, hiding from the authorities that patrol the well lit streets. Those not lucky enough to be blessed with wealth know enough to not go into the alleys at night. The maids, servants and revellers do not go near any of the darkened alleys for the rumours of assassins and robbers are rife.

Even the guards avoid the dark as many a time they have had their patrols ambushed which only feeds the criminals with high quality weapons in which they use on the innocent population.

Thanks for joining me tonight to get a bit of inspiration in what is to come. Don’t forget that tomorrow night we look at the encounters of this week. In fact we have a chase, a investigation-stake out and a good old fashion brawl. However despite the promise of combat don’t forget to come back this weekend also. We have more to go through and I am excited to write this adventure up. So before I leave you for the night. Don’t forget to set some time aside for your tabletop this weekend. In fact why wait for the weekend and put some time aside during the week. Adventure waits for no one and we have to seize the moment. Don’t forget to visit again this week and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Not all Thieves

Welcome to Wednesday night where we discovered that not all thieves are the ruthless cutthroats we know and love. Tonight we find out that the Feline Filcher steals and fights for a cause that is close to her heart. But will the party and the city guard see the cause behind her crime spree or will one of her nine lives come to an end. Let’s roll into tonight’s adventure and find out!

Not all Thieves


As dawn started to peak its head over the edge of the buildings Sarline stood in the doorway to her room and sighed deeply. Tonight wasn’t without its hiccups but she did manage to get home with the item that was requested of her. Walking over to the loose board in the wall she pried it open to reveal the hidden chest that she kept there. “It will have to do for tonight” she told herself as she stashed the urn made from amber into the hidden chest.

The Feline Filcher – created in

Shrugging off her outer hooded cloak she lay it on the back of a wooden chair before moving to get some food and water. Her lodgings were humble but comfortable and she had a basin of water at least. Using a touch of the magic she had been blessed with she cleaned the marks from her clothes before turning her attention to her hooded cloak. Pushing the ears of her hood back into their pouches and once satisfied she turned to the rest of it. Calling on her magic again the pouches were sewn back shut and the dark soot she had forced into the the clothes were cleaned created a light red hood. Very different form the back it as last night.

No visitors welcome

“Welcome home Sarline,” a voice said from the doorway, “you continue to amaze the boss”.

Sighing Sarline turned around to the man in the doorway. “Well, this is an unwelcome surprise. Didn’t you read the sign out front. No visitors are welcome.” she snapped.

“Now now, the boss just wants the item and in return you get what we promised.” the man sneered as he knew he had her where he wanted her. “Unless you want to go back on the deal that is?” he goaded.

“Shut up Pike. I’ll meet you in the alleyway in two minutes.” she added as she stalked towards the man. Retreating he nodded and left leaving Sarline to retrieve the amber urn. A few moments later she had climbed down from her window to the alleyway and was prepared for the trade. “Alright. Here you are. But I need proof that the barter on your end is made” she said to the men in the alleyway.

Dirty business

“now, now Sarline. Your words offend me. To know that you think so little of me hurts deeply.” a man with a voice like cold steel said from a doorway. “If my word isn’t enough then,” he clicked to punctuate his sentence. Several children were produced at the end of the alleyway and released with a kick. The children ran off without a moments notice and disappeared from their captors. “surely that suffices?”

“You gave your word that you wouldn’t harm or kidnap any more children. This is the last job then I am done Seth.” Sarline snapped as she handed the urn to a lackey who took it straight to the thug-boss.

“I would hate to think you would abandon the other children. Alas I caught two of the little devils trying to steal from one of my shops and I had to avoid them being arrested by Captain Cole now didn’t I?” he smirked

“You bastard!” she screamed in response. “Release them!”

“One last job. You have my word and everything and anything is done. If the children are caught stealing again then the guard can handle them next time.” Seth said with a look that pleaded honesty.

“Whats the job you scum?” she sighed, clenching her fists to prevent her from laying into the man.

“I’ll send word to you. Two nights from now.” Seth said as he walked off, chuckling to himself and his crew.


So the cat burglar turns out to be working to save children. I normally try to avoid these common tropes but this week was just too easy to flow into and, I think it will be an exciting adventure. In fact I hope to be able to run this adventure this week or very soon.

Thanks for joining me tonight but don’t forget to come back this week as I continue expand our adventure. As we learn that not all thieves are evil. Tomorrow we look at the extra content, but I want this week to be a theatre of the mind event – so I will look at what I can organise. Don’t forget to visit to find out what I come up with and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Cerberus Cole

Welcome to another NPC night here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop and tonight we are being introduced to Cerberus Cole. The guard captain of the city of Drileah has his work cut out for him at the moment and unfortunately our party may have stumbled into more than they can handle. Intrigued? Well you should be as tonight we put Cerberus under the magnifying glass! So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

Cerberus Cole


As the party marches down the street, escorted by guard they can’t help but notice how busy this city is during the day. Merchants beckon potential customers from store fronts and stalls and the volume of customers is beyond what they were expecting. However due to the guard escort, something that they had received upon entering the city the party drew many looks.

Shopkeepers, customers and the upperclassmen and ladies of the city pointed and spoke in hushed tones as the party was ushered by no less than a dozen guards towards the guard quarters. “Not far now you lot” one guard said to them, an older man with a kind face. “If you’re just visitors to the city as you claim then you will be on your way and this little mess we have going on will be far behind ye” he continued.

The city guards building was a grand affair of ornate masonry and glass windows, but there were a number of lords, ladies and merchants standing out front. Those that called and tried to push past a row of guards were staggering. Each one of them called for the guards to be disbanded, to allow mercenaries and paid private guards to take over the protection of the city of Drileah.

Guard Captain Cerberus Cole

Cerberus Cole – created in

The guards led the party past the complainant’s who called for the guard to do something about the current thefts. As soon as the party met the eyes of the victims of the theft they called of their guilt rained down upon them. The guard however protected the party and urged them through to the rooms beyond.

Down several halls they were led until they arrived at a door that hung slightly Ajar. “Captain Cole sir, I have a new group for questioning” the friendly guard called out, winking at the party.

The man on the other side of the door sighed deeply, and loudly. “Bring them through, let’s get it over with then” he answered. The door opened to reveal a relatively fit middle aged man with a well groomed beard. He sat around piles of paperwork and books and looked up at the party. “Well… This will be quick. These aren’t the Feline Filcher. Thank you for following the process Regi but we can declare this lot innocent. Unless they are the Feline Filcher and we can finally put this nightmare to rest. Imagine, this lot trusting dishonest mercenaries and thugs to guard the streets! Pah! These people are the same lot that let the burglar make off with their treasured possessions!”

Cole sat down and grabbed a corked bottle. “Well, while you’re here. Do you want to sit and make it appear as though we are treating you as actual suspects to this crime spree?”


Every cat burglar has to have someone trying to catch them. This is the unwritten rule. Cerebus Cole is our such fellow in this weeks adventure as we look through what this week has in store for our party. I think the art depicts Cole quite well, but I may look for a better portrait later this week, probably for the Zine!

Thanks for joining me tonight we we looked at this weeks hero. I have high hopes for Cole this week and, hopefully, with a little help from the party we will have the thief in our hands. But more on her tomorrow night.

So don’t forget to come back this week as I continue expand our adventure. This weeks sees our party catching a thief, with or without the guards involvement. However, the quarry isn’t without their own tricks so the party may learn a thing or two this week. So don’t forget to visit to find out and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Feline Filcher

Welcome to the start of another night of adventure and this week we are introduced to the Feline Filcher. The City of Drileah has a problem, one they want kept under wraps and one that they wish to be dealt with discretely. So let’s crack it open, expose it to the light and while we’re at it, steal a moment to ourselves. So sit down, grab a coffee and let’s roll into tonight’s adventure!

The Feline Filcher


City of Drileah – Created in

As the sun sets and dusk progresses to night the city of Drileah becomes rich with the sounds of parties, cat calls and other nightlife. But, the sound of guards mailed boots also ring across the cacophony of merriment and display of wealth as they are on the hunt this night.

Somewhere the softest of footfalls could be heard as a dark figure opened a latch on a window. The laughter from the owners and occupants, guests at the party, were loud from downstairs. The shadow stopped as it watched the flare of light from a pipe glow from a corner in the room, a trap. However this was not news for the burglar. Raising a fine hand it summoned the sound of a creaking board in the room over. Instantly the figure hiding in the corner of the room stood up and left the room, casting a great deal of light and noise in the room.

The Job

Good that will keep him busy for a moment‘ thought the thief as the window swung silently inwards. Soft soled shoes met intricate rugs and cloths strewn on the floor, but he moonlight illuminated the trip wires which allowed the shadow to dance around them. Within heartbeats the door to a cupboard was open and the near-silent clack of lock picks was the only thing that she could hear. A moment later and the lock was open and a gloved hand grabbed the object that it knew was there. In fact everything had gone so well to plan that the noise from outside the door was almost a welcome relief to the noise of the party.

“What the” was the only noise the mercenary made before a handful of dust was thrust into his face. Within a second the robust, well muscled man was falling towards the ground. The figure, a woman, dashed forward to catch the paid guard before his body hit the ground. The slightly bent nose a mark of pride for many, but for this man it gave him a distinct look. Not something one wants when they want to blend in and be forgotten.

With a flick of her wrist his purse was also in her hand, a bonus in addition to the gold she was getting paid to retrieve the object in her bag.

“G..Guards!” a voice called from the hall as they saw the unconscious man. The alert was of no worry though as the thief was already out the window and dashing, silently across the rooftops. A tiny black cat was left in the palm of the mercenary – the mark of the Feline Filcher.


I am quite excited to bring this adventure to life this week. I have a history of trying to add excitement and mystery to my adventures for my party. The theme of this week is the power of the bare minimum. In fact this could be a level 1 encounter and I plan to show my players just what you can do with some creativity.

The Feline Filcher is a cat burglar. However there is always a ulterior motive for key NPCs and this weeks no exception. In fact this old trope should bring nostalgia for my players and I am looking forward to the look of confusion on their faces.

Thanks for joining me tonight. I find the imagery helps sell the story and this week the moonlit streets tells a tale by itself. So I want to welcome you to a fun week, one that you may just learn something knew to add to your campaigns. However it does introduce something that is hard to pull off, so I will do my best to it justice. Don’t forget to join me each night this week as we expand this adventure. Don’t forget to set some time aside for your own tabletop and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

Risk it all for Research

Tonight and I have created another zine out of Januaries Soulbound adventure, Risk it all for Research. This adventure can be modified to be system agnostic if you don’t want to use it for soulbound. So please adjust to what ever creatures you are using in your adventure! However as always the monster statistics can be found in the Soulbound core rules and adjusted to quickly balance an encounter for if you wish to modify the adventure.

So I hope you enjoy this weeks adventure, Risk it all for Research. If you like this format please let me know and I hope you enjoy.

Risk it all for Research


The Beastmire Plains – Created in

The Orruks gathered around the hills and rocky formations. Calling out to the Gork and Mork in their frenzied battle cries they feasted on the beasts they had hunted during the day. Despite the festivities and the humans that had camped nearby they held back from a fight as the cunning shamans had a plan, one most cunning.

The humans relied on their scouts to tell them the lay of the land, but the sudden appearance of Kruleboyz and the shamans that they brought with them gave them pause to think. And think they did. As the Kruleboyz pet sloggoths dragged the gargantuan bow to the peak of a hill they waited and continued to rally, gathering in force until their waaagh couldn’t sustain itself. Despite their frenzy they still managed to contain their urge to fight. Soon the trap would be sprung and then the humans would be ripe for the slaughter and the boyz would be ready.

The sloggoth placed the large crossbow on the hill and the lanky kruleboyz orruks strode up to its side. Placing a large cruel hand on its flank the sloggoth moved away to cower elsewhere as the boss looked at the fine machine. Bolts as large as a ship’s mast were brought up by hobgrots. These bolts were large enough to take down even stardrakes or their lesser kin the draconith, but their target was something else.

Rumours of flying wizards and the cursed soulbound had come to them through a source. This bow would be trained on the skies waiting for the elite warriors and leaders of the forces of order to rally forth, then it would be too late to turn back.

The Dawn-Keeper

The Dawn Keeper Concepts – Created in

PDF adventure – Risk it all for Research

Thanks for joining me tonight for the first part in the Soulbound Zines I am creating. I hope to get the other one out this week as I have worked out a format that I am happy with so we can have two Soulbound Zines out and only have one more to catch up on! I am left with wishing you re-rolls on your saving throws this week as we go through another week of the year. Don’t forget to come back this week for a new set of D&D adventures and I will maybe bring a bit more on my new campaign,
The Brazen Wolfe

The Dawning of a new campaign

Hello and welcome to some pretty big news if I say so myself, the dawning of a new campaign. That’s right I have a new campaign to write, a new big baddie or event to orchestrate and a world to construct. To be honest it’s happening rather fast and I think it will be one of those campaigns that will teach me a lot more about my own craft.

I have also stumbled into D&D 5th ed wiki which has more of the content for new players. Whilst I have most of the books I need, and access to legitimate copies for the rest of it this will be invaluable for my party, especially the remote ones.

The Dawning of a new campaign


In initial discussions with the players it sounds like the campaign will be hybrid traditional narrative and one-shot driven. A series of one shots like The Trouble with Birds and The Prince of Pine Ridge that interconnect with the overall story line. This means that for the players involved in the adventure that they could miss out on one adventure or the next as long as they have a central adventuring hub.

Since the One shots I create are easy enough to balance for a variety in experience as well as number of players this further helps the goal. But, I still need an overarching plot.

This will require more thought and I may potentially have one or more party members coming to read here I will have to keep them brief.

The Paths

The options I have before me are endless but wrapping high fantasy, flexibility and making it enjoyable for a variety of D&D experience is hard. But the below are basics for sparking that creative flame that will fuel my Campaign creating process.

  1. There is dissent in the lands as rumours of the kings knights pillaging and harming the people of the kingdom have reached the king. But there may be more at play here.
  2. Giant swaths of forest, hills, and even mountains have been carved out in perfectly straight, even and flat lines across the land. The direction and origin all differ to the discovery of a new one but one thing is clear. There are many such lines and they all appeared seemingly overnight.
  3. A vision haunts the party, a cloaked lady bathed in light lies behind shadowy chains and is pleading for help. Images flash of landmarks, some known some yet to be discovered. But each party member feels strongly connected to the woman in their vision and the urge to free her is all consuming.
  4. Rumours of strange creatures have been appearing from everywhere. Beings with multiple heads, distorted limbs (or no limbs) and all of them being highly aggressive have started to sprout up. These may have been brushed off as rumours and tales to fearmonger if such a creature wasn’t encountered by the party seemingly by accident.


Each of the above have something hidden, something obvious and something completely foreign to new and experienced players. They also lend themselves well to my style of campaign building, a hook, sub hook and mid-adventure-plot twist that all help in driving the player engagement.

The next step is picking one, or two (as we know by now there are multiple roads and pathways that lead to the end goal) and fleshing it out. I will also weave the overarching plot and story in with the party’s background and their story will help throw them further into the story.

A name, a map, key places and key NPCs will come later but for now the story and plot will get me started and I am looking forward to it. There is also the potential for me to create more unique creatures and cultures. I am a big fan of creating cultures from scratch.

I hope that you will come back tomorrow. If time permits I will create a Soulbound Zine including the first part and second part of the adventure so far. So wish me luck, I will need all re-rolls and advantages I can muster to get that done. to bring another Zine, and if time permits two. So don’t forget to come back for that and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe